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Record of political participation: grant subsidies for the R & D of large offshore wind power equipment

Zhao Ping, deputy to the National People's Congress and chief engineer of the R & D center of Dongfang Electric Wind Power Co., Ltd. He proposed that subsidies should be given to the research and development of large offshore wind power equipment with stepless speed regulation


the offshore environment has high requirements for the quality and reliability of wind turbines. The development of offshore wind power abroad has accumulated for nearly 20 years, while China has only begun to launch large offshore units in recent two years. Large investment, high cost and high risk will be the main factors restricting the scope of offshore wind power development, including GB, ASTM, DIN, JIS, BS. At present, offshore wind power batch projects are concentrated on large-scale 10 MW units, while this domestic model is still in the development stage, and it is not in operation, and the technology is not mature, so there are risks


it is recommended to provide financial subsidies, policy low interest loans, and financial discounts in proportion to the development investment cost of the prototype with the first set of conditions (including the re inspection of 6 samples for prototype and certification, scientific research expenses, design, technology introduction, etc.); For the first set of projects put into commercial operation, the bowl buckle testing machine for scaffold fasteners in proportion in a certain way fully meets the experimental requirements of gb/t15831 (2) 006 "steel pipe scaffold fasteners" and GB 24911 (2) 010 "bowl buckle steel pipe scaffold components", and provides financial subsidies, policy low interest loans and financial discounts; Provide financial subsidies, policy low interest loans and financial discounts to interested parties participating in the development of the first set of projects; Provide relevant venues, resources, technologies and other facilities for product technological innovation and the development of the first set, increase the enthusiasm of relevant parties to invest, and clarify that there is no need to pay income tax in the form of financial subsidies, subsidies and interest discounts

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