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Polish president spoke highly of Liugong's outstanding achievements and contributions

Polish president spoke highly of Liugong's outstanding achievements and contributions

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on January 16, local time, during his visit to the southeastern city of stalovawola, the president of the Republic of Poland, Anjie Duda, He spoke highly of the outstanding achievements and contributions made by Liugong to establish the relevant material product standard system in Poland. President Duda expressed his admiration to Liugong for developing and manufacturing such huge and powerful modern engineering machinery and equipment in Poland. The president was also impressed by the high-tech, comfortable riding experience and good operating experience of the bulldozer. President Duda expressed his heartfelt thanks to Liugong for his outstanding contributions to the new development of Poland's Central Industrial Zone, and wished Liugong a smooth and better development in Poland

at the meeting with Polish President Duda, Howard Dale, chairman of Liugong Poland company Liugong RUISTA Machinery Co., Ltd., thanked president Duda for his visit on behalf of the company. Dai Haowei said that it was a great honor for Mr. President to visit the booth of Liugong Poland. Chairman Dai Haowei introduced the latest R & D and manufacturing achievements of Liugong in Poland to President Duda, and invited him to experience the new cab of Liugong RUISTA bulldozer

Liugong International director of government affairs Hou Yubo, deputy general manager of liugongruista (Poland) Machinery Co., Ltd., said: "After the acquisition of HSW company, together with more than a thousand local employees, we have inherited the excellent production and manufacturing technology tradition with more than 80 years of history. At the same time, we have also continuously increased investment and gradually introduced the concepts, methods and solutions of modern enterprise management. Today, President Duda spoke highly of our achievements in Poland, which makes us very encouraged. We also hope to get the highest praise from the Polish government More support at the national level will enable more construction machinery and equipment designed and manufactured by Polish engineers to play a greater role in Poland's grand infrastructure construction plan. Within the framework of the the Belt and Road cooperation, Liugong will, as always, play a bridge role and make more contributions to the exchanges and cooperation between enterprises of the two countries in the fields of machinery manufacturing, infrastructure, service consulting and so on. "

on the same day, an industrial exhibition themed "from Central Industrial Zone to economy 4.0" was held in the southeastern Polish city of starowavara, with more than 70 innovative traditional manufacturing enterprises from all over Poland participating. Liugong Poland exhibited three outstanding products: td25 bulldozer, the flagship product of riesta dressta brand, 835h loader and 925e excavator of Liugong brand

adamkoviatkovsky, director of the general office of the Polish president, vowadiswaf ortel, governor of the Carpathian Province, Raphael Weber, Deputy Minister of infrastructure of Poland, Jan stelinsky, President of the Polish builders' Association, luchus nad berezhny, mayor of the city of starowawara, and other senior Polish officials, as well as managers and employee representatives of Liugong Poland attended the meeting

Liugong RUISTA Machinery Co., Ltd., founded in 2011, is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Guangxi Liugong Machinery Co., Ltd. In February 2012, the company officially acquired all assets, technologies, intellectual property rights and three overseas subsidiaries of the civil engineering machinery division of HSW Co., Ltd., which has a history of more than 80 years in Poland, and became the largest investor of China in Poland and even central and Eastern Europe. The company is mainly engaged in the R & D, manufacturing, sales and service of the full series of re drive mobile beams of the dressta brand to realize the loading bulldozers, pipe hangers, loaders, excavators and loaders and their related products. It is the largest construction machinery manufacturer in central and Eastern Europe and one of the only six manufacturers with a complete bulldozer production line in the world. While maintaining and upgrading the original products, the company introduced the four stage loaders and excavators of Liugong brand. The loader and excavator are oriented to the high-end markets in Europe and the United States, and meet the highest emission requirements in the world, which greatly enriches the product line and enhances the competitiveness. The company's marketing network covers more than 150 countries and regions around the world

facing all kinds of challenges in the global construction machinery market, Liu Gongrui Starr faced the difficulties, constantly expanded the market externally, implemented changes internally, released the first batch of green manufacturing demonstration list, and carried out a number of important work to reduce costs and improve efficiency. In the North American market with the largest sales volume and high-end in the world, liugongrui TASS has achieved a breakthrough growth

since the official acquisition of the civil engineering machinery business unit of Polish HSW company, Liugong has strictly complied with local laws and regulations, respected and accepted Polish culture and traditions, brought into play and integrated the respective advantages of Chinese and polish employees, and achieved a smooth transition after the acquisition. At the same time, Liugong pays attention to the investment in scientific and technological research and development and social performance. Liugongruista Machinery Co., Ltd. has won important awards such as the best Chinese investor in Poland, the best employer in Poland and the best supplier of Ge in the United States, which has been learned by local governments at all levels and widely recognized by all sectors of society

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