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1093 polluting enterprises in Guangdong were shut down and 848 were treated within a time limit

recently, the Guangdong Environmental Assessment Management and environmental law enforcement work conference was held in Guangzhou. The provincial Environmental Protection Department announced at the meeting that last year, 397000 sewage discharge enterprises were inspected, 19500 illegal cases were investigated and dealt with, 1093 polluting enterprises were shut down, 848 were treated within a time limit, and 11386 were rectified within a time limit

it is understood that among the 15 key environmental issues listed and supervised by the provincial supervision department last year and 20 environmental pollution enterprises, 5 key environmental issues and 16 listed and supervised enterprises, including Maoming Xiaodongjiang River Basin, Yangjiang Ganglie nage electroplating City, Dongguan paper-making enterprise, Zhanjiang aquatic products processing industry, and Chao'an small paper-making enterprise, achieved the remediation goal and were delisted in May this year. The pollution remediation targets of Qingyuan Dayan River heavily polluted industry, Kaiping Zhenhai River Basin, Shanwei Jieyang border area, Lufeng City and Jiexi County waste hardware industry are expected to be completed by the end of the year

according to statistics, since last year, the province has dispatched a total of 913000 law enforcement personnel, inspected 397000 sewage enterprises, investigated and dealt with 19500 illegal cases, the province's cumulative amount of fines and confiscations was 388 million yuan, and the amount of sewage fees paid into storage was 1.285 billion yuan. Post inspection was carried out on 305 key cases, and the system of easy interaction between department joint handling and transfer of environmental law cases, transfer and electrolyte, and gas precipitation and transfer in the process of charging and discharging cycle reaction was improved. In the past two years, the court was applied to enforce the detection of 1942 cases for this series of gas springs, and 885 cases were transferred

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