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Poland Selena Group Nantong polyurethane material factory starts construction

Selena FMSA CEO Krzysztof domarecki at the commencement ceremony

Selena group announced that it had begun to build a polyurethane foam material, sealant and adhesive production plant in Nantong, Jiangsu (near Shanghai). The Polish construction chemicals group said that the plant is expected to be put into production by the end of 2010, when it can still meet the aesthetic needs of consumers for the appearance of products. The investment in the new plant is about 30 million Polish zloty (69.72 million yuan)

Selena group is the first polish enterprise to invest and build factories in Nantong special economic zone

the new plant is Selena group's largest investment in the Chinese market. CE2 of selenafmsa and okrzysztofofdomarecki of PEEK materials and medical devices, which are controlled by the group, said: "in addition to central and Eastern Europe, the Chinese market also plays an important role in the future development strategy of Selena group."

Domarecki continued that China's GDP growth continued to occupy the first place in the world (the growth rate reached 7.7% after the first three quarters of 2009), in which the rapid development of the construction industry played a certain role. He added that the new plant would "enhance the competitiveness of our foam and adhesive products."

these products are currently supplied by Selena's polish factory, but over time, "China will become the center of our regional expansion to Southeast Asia and Pacific island countries."

the ground breaking ceremony of the new plant was held on November 24, 2009

Selena company also announced that it was expanding its production and sales scale in China. It invested in the Chinese market through its joint venture Foshan Qinli therona Chemical Co., Ltd. established in 2007. Foshan Qinli company, the Korean partner of the joint venture, supplied sealants to the Chinese and Central Asian markets

in the same year, the group also established Selena (Shanghai) Trading Co., Ltd. for the past few years, which has been very difficult to sell Selena's products in China, including the products produced by the factory in Foshan and the PU foam supplied by Selena's polish factory

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