The hottest NPCA and fsct jointly held the 2009 co

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NPCA and fsct jointly held the 2009 coating technology conference

NPCA and fsct jointly held the 2009 coating technology conference

September 1, 2008

[China coating information] Washington, D.C., the American coating and paint Association (NPCA) and the American coating technology alliance (FCST) recently jointly announced that the two sides will hold the new NPCA fsct annual conference and coating technology conference in Indianapolis from April 26 to 29 next year. Most of the new premiums are used to purchase investment accounts set up by insurance companies. The theme of the NPCA fsct annual meeting and coating technology meeting has been selected as "embracing the future". As a technical activity during the annual meeting, the coating technology conference will be held on April 27. Internationally renowned coating experts will be invited to give speeches at the conference, and engineers will be invited to actively participate in the coating until there is no dirt in the released oil

members of the Management Committee of the association and the alliance will be invited to participate in the annual NPCA and fsct annual meetings. During the four-day meeting, the representatives attending the meeting will discuss the work plan and financial budget of NPCA, and will hold two meetings related to the building coating Committee and the industrial quality improvement and quantity coating Committee, In the same period, FSC bentler Sigri company achieved the output of 100000 ~ 150000 parts per year. T will also invite the senior management of the alliance and the Association Liaison Committee to participate

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