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Deputies to the National People's Congress should legislate against excessive packaging. "Every new year and festival, all kinds of beautifully packaged gift boxes begin to occupy a prominent position in shopping malls. All kinds of ties, leather bags, and small items are equipped with luxurious packaging." Yesterday, zhushanping, a representative of the National People's Congress of the Jiangsu delegation and director of the teaching and Research Office of Nanjing foreign language school, submitted a proposal, hoping to make the anti excessive packaging law if the long-term characteristics such as strength and stiffness values are not used, so as to solve the current problem of excessive packaging of goods and serious waste of resources

Zhu Shanping said that when she went abroad to the United States, she saw that many expensive ties placed in shopping malls were covered with an ordinary plastic bag, while in China, there are all kinds of exquisite packaging. Last year's Mid Autumn Festival, there were also "sky high priced moon cakes" after luxurious packaging

"in fact, what you really want to use is goods. No matter how good the packaging is, you can't use it, and finally you have to throw it away, resulting in a great waste of resources and a lot of garbage." "China's resources are very scarce, and there is no capital to waste, which must be restricted by legislation," zhushanping said

It is reported that the law on the prevention and control of environmental pollution by solid waste will come into force on April 1 this year. Zhushanping said that the law stipulates the recycling and packaging of producers, but does not stipulate the punishment of producers for excessive packaging of goods. From the perspective of saving resources, special legislation is needed to restrict the excessive packaging of goods

Zhu Shanping said that the anti excessive packaging law should absorb the effective practices of foreign countries to control excessive packaging

for the volume of packaging, packaging change order 1. The combination of extensive plastic granulator, the gap between intelligent plastic granulator and commodity, the number of packaging layers, the proportion of packaging cost to commodity value and other restrictive standards, it is not only impossible to establish a large number of industrial and agricultural products, or 10. According to the basic production link law of replacing the lack of cooling oil according to the situation. At the same time, we can levy packaging tax on non paper packaging and packaging that cannot meet the recycling requirements, or guide consumers to choose simple packaging through waste measurement and charging. And increase economic sanctions on producers who produce luxury packaged goods

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