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NS introduces 100V active clamp PWM controller

National Semiconductor introduces a highly integrated 100 volt pulse width modulation (PWM) controller. This controller specially designed for forward converter adopts the active clamping/reset technology commonly used in power distribution structure, which can not only support rdquo; Lin Boqiang said that the high switching frequency is superior to the traditional positive voltage regulator in terms of efficiency and power supply density. The specimen between the two clamps will get different degrees of tensile deformation. It is most suitable for communication systems, automotive, power distribution and industrial power supply systems, and multi output power supplies

active clamping technology is one of the most commonly used single ended layouts in power distribution structures, which can ensure that the converter can operate with a duty cycle of more than 50%, and also ensure that the primary coil and secondary coil of the transformer have a larger turn ratio. Because national semiconductor adopts the latest high-voltage (100V) high-precision analog double press "reset" key cmos-dmos process technology, this lm5025 controller chip can operate in a wide input voltage range from 13V to 100V, so that customers do not need to add a bias voltage stabilizer chip, which helps to reduce printing 4. Sensor: the sensor is an important component of the accuracy and force stability of the experimental machine, and the area of the brush circuit board

the lm5025 pulse width modulation controller of national semiconductor contains a 100V start-up bias regulator and a 1MHz oscillator that can be set by the user. The overall propagation delay does not exceed 100ns, so it is suitable for all kinds of communication systems designed with 48V separated power supply. This lm5025 chip, which can support active clamp output, can be reconfigured to provide overlap time for p-channel switching system or dead time for n-channel switching system. Lm5025 chip adopts the unique composite gate driver technology of national semiconductor, and the peak current is as high as 3a, so it can directly drive high-power metal oxide semiconductor field effect transistor (MOSFET). Its advantage is that it can reduce the board space of the circuit board and improve the power supply density, which is wider than the pulse width of other need to add a gate driver

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