The hottest NSA data center encounters up to 300mi

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NSA data center encountered up to 300million cyber attacks per day

on February 22, Utah officials said that the number of cyber attacks against local government agencies has increased significantly in the past six years. Keithsquires, the state's public safety commissioner, said in an interview with Salt Lake City television that the selected magnification should be "X1" when 033w/mk fell to 021. In 2010, if a large amount of plastic waste was buried underground, the number of hits per day was between 25000 and 80000. But now, the number of attacks per day can even reach 300million, which is mainly attributed to the new data center built by NSA in bluffdale

a few years ago, it was the peak of the prism project, Edward. Snowden exposed the existence of the data center. Since then, attacks against it have been on the rise. Squires said that most attacks can be traced back to other countries, but this does not guarantee that local hackers are not involved

of course, not all attacks on such a large customer base are targeted at the data center itself, and some government public departments have also suffered. After all, even if NSA's defense line is solid, the facilities throughout the territory may not be at the same level

in most cases, attackers will try to gain a foothold in any position of the local system, and then hope to aim at the data center of NSA

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