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Deputies to the National People's Congress suggest checking the paint market in Harbin

deputies to the National People's Congress suggest checking the paint market in Harbin

February 22, 2005

Yu Chunyan, a deputy to the Harbin Municipal People's Congress, recently made suggestions to Harbin, which often needs to test the three-point bending test:

environmental pollution of home decoration has increasingly attracted public attention, The pollution problem of home decoration in Harbin is mainly caused by the quality of solvent based wood coatings and adhesives that are necessary for home decoration

at present, the wholesale market of building materials containing unidirectional or non unidirectional reinforcing materials in Harbin can still see benzene containing adhesives or paint solvents that are officially prohibited by the state, and the problem of benzene exceeding the standard is relatively serious. It is understood that a large part of the glue making and paint making solvent commodities distributed in Harbin building materials market are products from other provinces, among which there are many unqualified products notified by the state, such as the advanced mixed paint produced by Hebei Jinxi paint making Co., Ltd. and the transparent primer produced by guangarbog analysis refers to dongdiwei Chemical Co., Ltd

relevant departments should conduct joint inspection and rectify the building materials market that violates the regulations and operates the above-mentioned fake and inferior products without authorization, so as to safeguard the interests of consumers

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