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Novomer uses carbon dioxide to produce degradable polymers

plastic products have greatly changed our lifestyle, making us produce novel tools, containers, and even replaceable body parts such as hips and knees. However, at the same time, it also produces some unsatisfactory by-products, including non degradable waste and the pollution of traditional fuels such as coal, oil, natural gas and so on. Nowadays, an emerging industry is trying to improve the harm brought by the plastic industry to the environment by using waste resources such as carbon dioxide and Escherichia coli to produce degradable new polymer materials

Novomer has developed a series of high-performance and decomposable plastics using carbon dioxide (3) as neutralizing polymers in the experimental process, and plans to invest in expanding its product production capacity and research and development force while welcoming the industrial interconnection + period, which is more penetrated into high-end products

the most critical factor in Novomer's polymer production process is the metal catalyst, such as - zinc diimide acetate, which can interact with greenhouse gas molecules such as CO2 to convert it into liquid epoxides

today's plastic products are more important than ever before, including not only milk bottles or CD boxes without anchoring measures, but also many professional medical equipment, such as heart transplant fixed molds and emerging technical fields such as solar cells. Surgeons may use metal screws to connect the broken bones of patients together, but after recovery, the metal screws must be removed, while biodegradable plastic is not required, because it can be slowly degraded and absorbed

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