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NPI sold the surplus waste paper to Shanghai Fanya potential

Japan Paper (NPI) said that it was already selling the surplus waste paper to Shanghai Fanya potential paper company, the only foreign-owned paper production enterprise in China. Since last July, it has been transporting excess waste paper to Shanghai at the rate of 5000 tons per month to supply Mitsubishi paper machine with an annual production capacity of 140000 tons there. NPI predicts that the sales revenue of waste paper this year will reach 420million yen (3.4 million US dollars)

NPI signed an agreement with American potential industry company, which accounts for 32% of Shanghai Pan Asia potential, to arrange the above sales. The potential of the United States specializes in waste paper. If there is a shortage of waste paper supply, NPI will be responsible for making up for it

but in China, NPI set up a recycling fiber department in 1999. According to h Harada, general manager of the Department, this is the first Japanese enterprise. The company disposed of 910000 tons of waste paper last year, 80% of which was old paper (ONP)

the surplus waste paper is exported to Shanghai through the dealer Japan pulp and paper

Japan began exporting surplus waste paper to other Asian countries in 1998, so it needs to toughen it. In 2000, the country's paper makers consumed a total of 17million tons of waste paper. The Japan Paper Association (JPA) hopes to increase the utilization rate of waste paper to 60% in 2005, and the current rate has reached 56%

Harada said that exporting excess waste paper will help cover the whole industrial chain of new materials, achieve the balance between supply and demand in the country, and ensure the future supply source

some time ago, Shanghai Pan Asia potential submitted an expansion plan to the government, hoping to increase its annual paper production capacity to 200000 tons

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