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NTT com launches Osaka 5 data center with disaster resilience

c China is still in the process of industrialization, informatization, urbanization, marketization At the stage of in-depth international development, Ti Forum (ctiforum) reported on January 19 (Li Wenjie): NTT (nyse:ntt) group's information and communication technology (ICT) solutions and international communication enterprise nttcommunications Corporation suggested that the maximum bearing capacity of materials at the time of purchase was about 70% - 90% of the maximum strength of the testing machine. Nttcom announced today that Osaka 5 data center, located in the core area of Osaka, will be launched with immediate effect, This is nttcom's fifth data center in Kansai, central Japan. The data center has a server room covering an area of about 3500 square meters, which can accommodate 1600 racks

Osaka 5 data center has an 11 story dedicated data center building, which is nttcomnexcenter? The latest supplement of data center business, which combines a wide range of disaster recovery measures with an ideal network environment to help nttcom customers confidently and efficiently accelerate their business development. Please check the attachment for details

comprehensive disaster recovery to ensure business continuity plan

Osaka 5 data center has complete facilities and disaster recovery capabilities, which can minimize the impact of any imaginable disaster in Osaka, including the earthquake, tsunami or flood caused by the great earthquake in the Nankai Trough

in case of flooding into the data center, these equipment will continue to operate safely, because power equipment, communication facilities, server room and other important facilities are located on the second floor or above, more than 7 meters above the ground level. The building is equipped with isolation devices, which are located on the columns below the second floor, which can weaken the impact of strong earthquakes. Once the flood overflows into the first floor of the building, it can ensure the normal operation of the building. In addition, the building is also equipped with anti-seismic dampers, which can suppress the vertical vibration of the earthquake in the epicenter area

the data center is powered by an independent substation, which can ensure extremely reliable power supply. The facility is directly connected to a large anti-seismic communication cable tunnel, which is specially used to protect cables from earthquakes and road construction

Osaka 5 data center provides leased office space equipped with standby power supply, so that customers can easily manage business continuity planning solutions

ideal network environment

in order to ensure customers' uninterrupted access to high-quality, low latency network environment, Osaka 5 data center is directly connected to nttcom's main data center in western Japan, which provides interconnection switching (IX) through optical fibers laid in cable tunnels

in addition to nttcom's high-speed, high-capacity Internet backbone and network services, including arcstaruniversalone virtual private network, customers can also use this data center to build a seamless ICT environment and combine cloud services with global data centers

moreover, from March this year, a new reliable, low latency data center connection service will enable customers to use nttcom's five data centers in Osaka. The service will provide optimal circuits or optical fibers up to 10Gbps

through the use of efficient equipment, low-cost operation can be achieved.

among nttcom's data centers in Osaka, Osaka 5 data center provides lower cost services. This is due to the remarkable efficiency of the facility. In order to reduce cooling power consumption, nttcom took the lead in using efficient cooling walls to blow cold air into the server room, and also used indirect external air cooling

nttcom has steadily expanded its data center and related services, which are mainly concentrated in the Tokyo metropolitan area to meet the growing demand of the Japanese market for data center services over the past eight years. At the same time, customers have increasingly expected to have backup sites in western Japan far enough from Tokyo to ensure business continuity in the event of natural disasters. In addition, financial institutions and manufacturers headquartered in the region have an increasing demand for data center services

about nttcommunications Corporation

nttcommunications is committed to providing consulting, architecture, security and cloud services to optimize the enterprise's information and communication technology environment. These services are based on the company's global infrastructure, including the leading global first-class IP network and arcstaruniversalone, which covers more than 196 countries/regions? VPN network and more than 140 secure data centers around the world. Nttcommunications' solutions rely on the global resources of dimensiondata, NTTDoCoMo and nttdata under NTT group

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