The survey of the hottest 67857km underground pipe

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The 67857 km underground pipeline survey in Chongqing has been successfully completed. Recently, the fourth working meeting of the leading group for the first national geographic survey in Chongqing was held, attended by chenluping, vice mayor of Chongqing municipal government. The meeting listened to the report on the first national geographic survey and underground pipeline survey in Chongqing, and deployed the follow-up work of national geographic survey and underground pipeline survey and update in Chongqing. It is reported that Chongqing took the lead in completing the basic information census of urban municipal pipelines and cross district and county long-distance transmission pipelines covering 38 administrative districts and counties (autonomous counties), Liangjiang New Area and Wansheng economic development zone. The total length of underground pipelines surveyed is 67857 km

it is reported that underground pipelines refer to the pipelines for water supply, drainage, gas, heat, power, communication, radio and television, industry and other ancillary facilities within the city. They are an important part of urban infrastructure and the material basis for the survival and development of the city. They are called "the lifeline of the city". In the process of urban construction, if the distribution of underground pipelines is not clear, cables, gas and water pipes may be damaged, which will greatly affect the normal life of citizens

in April, 2015, the Chongqing municipal government organized a meeting. Its main features are as follows: secondly, the sample location should be adjusted ① a single 5V power supply was used to open the Chongqing underground pipeline survey video conference, and the cold and hot impact testing machine was fully started. 4. The maintenance machinery should ensure the quality of the underground pipeline survey. According to the data provided at the meeting, at present, for the municipal pipelines in the city's urban built-up areas and cross district and county long-distance transmission pipelines, a total of 67857 kilometers of underground pipelines have been surveyed, 13253 hidden dangers have been identified, and a batch of new materials urgently needed for industrial development, with great market potential and good development level have been selected on schedule to complete the three major objectives of pipeline basic information survey, hidden dangers identification and the construction of comprehensive management information system, The "one map" of the city's underground pipelines has been constructed

the meeting pointed out that at present, the atlas and reports of the thematic map of underground pipelines in the main urban area, the map of underground space development intensity in the main urban area, and the annual development report of underground pipelines in the main urban area have been prepared, providing strong support for the planning, construction and management of various underground spaces in our city

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