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Supported by national policies, the flat panel display industry will usher in a critical period of development

the flat panel display industry will usher in national policy support. It was learned from the 2014 China flat panel display industry innovation and development strategic alliance seminar held not long ago that the state will encourage domestic new-type display enterprises to break through the core technology of the new-type display industry by means of inter project cooperation, mergers and acquisitions, and participation in foreign advanced enterprises through the introduction of consumer absorption; Encourage enterprises with independent intellectual property rights and a good industrial base to invest in the construction of new display projects, or integrate existing industrial resources through investment, mergers and acquisitions, and guide the further concentration of investment subjects; We will focus on supporting qualified and basic enterprises to develop in industrial clusters and build industrial clusters with international competitiveness

nowadays, TV screen, tablet computer screen and wearable device display screen can be seen everywhere. In recent years, China's display panel industry has been steadily improved in terms of industrial scale, technical level, innovation ability and supporting construction of industrial chain, and the industrial development environment has been further improved. With the support of the national industrial policy, China's flat panel display industry has ushered in a good opportunity for development

the flat panel display industry is the pillar of the electronic information industry and a strategic basic industry. As the "grain industry" of electronic information industry, its development level is an important embodiment of a country's scientific and technological strength and international competitiveness. At present, China's flat panel display industry has a good development foundation in the Bohai Rim region centered on Beijing, Tianjin and Hebei, the Yangtze River Delta region centered on Shanghai, Jiangsu and Anhui, and the Pearl River Delta region centered on Guangdong. In addition, stable flat panel display supporting bases have been formed in Wuhan and Chengdu

qiaoyueshan, director of the electronic infrastructure division of the electronic information department of the Ministry of industry and information technology, said at the seminar that the flat panel display industry showed a rare situation of rapid growth and sound development. In the first three quarters of this year, the development of China's flat panel display industry continued to improve, and the industrial scale increased steadily. The layout of the new generation of display technology in China has been accelerated. Xiamen 5.5 generation low-temperature polysilicon production line and Ordos 5. Five generation AMOLED production lines have been put into operation. Localization supporting capacity is gradually formed. From January to July 2014, China imported LCD panels totaling US $24.825 billion and exported US $18.13 billion. The trade deficit was US $6.695 billion, a year-on-year decrease of 22%. The self-sufficiency rate of local LCD TV panels exceeds 35%. Domestic backbone panel enterprises purchased more than 15billion yuan of local materials and equipment, driving nearly 100 upstream manufacturers

in order to expand and strengthen China's flat panel display production projects, the official launch of production is bound to speed up the cultivation and development of the industrial product manufacturing sector of Shanxi Aluminum Plant, protect the development of upstream and downstream enterprises, and get rid of the situation that core technology is controlled by others. Not only technology but also organizational form should be innovated. To this end, Dongxu group, together with a number of domestic flat panel display enterprises, launched the China flat panel industry innovation and development alliance at the seminar, with a view to achieving industrial agglomeration development

it is learned that, as a benchmark enterprise for independent innovation in China's flat panel display industry, Dongxu group, relying on independent research and development, broke through the foreign technology blockade. In 2009, it built a domestic leading G5 liquid crystal glass substrate production line with completely independent intellectual property rights. By the end of 2010, it built the first G4.5 generation 0.5mm ultra-thin glass substrate production line in Chengdu. At present, Dongxu group has built and is in the process of building more than 20 LCD glass substrate production lines, and has initially formed a domestic glass substrate five generation line industrial cluster represented by zhengzhouxufei and a domestic LCD glass six generation line industrial cluster represented by Wuhu Dongxu

however, it is undeniable that the scale of China's flat panel display industry is still relatively small, the investment subjects are relatively scattered, the R & D investment of new display technologies is obviously insufficient, and the industrial chain is still imperfect, which is still far from building a strong country in the flat panel display industry

qiaoyueshan believes that at present, we should speed up the industrial transformation and upgrading, and shift the development focus of China's new display industry from accelerating the construction of production lines to improving the development quality and efficiency. First, pay more attention to innovation driven and strengthen capacity-building for sustainable development. Promote enterprises to increase R & D investment, improve product technology content, and improve the yield and process technology level of established production lines. Second, pay more attention to resource integration and promote resource aggregation to improve overall efficiency. We will strengthen planning and layout, reasonably determine production capacity development goals according to market capacity, and prevent blind construction and low-level construction. Third, pay more attention to the improvement of the industrial chain, and guide the industry to extend to the high end of the value chain. However, the ban may focus on supporting qualified and basic enterprises to develop in industrial clusters and build industrial clusters with international competitiveness. Encourage multiple cooperation between panel and supporting enterprises to realize mutual trust and recognition for upstream products

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