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Konka/Konka g55us 55 inch 4K metal ultra-thin 36 core TV evaluation, start with the evaluation

2018 best-selling Konka TV recommendations: konka/Konka g55us 55 inch 4K metal ultra-thin 36 core full screen intelligent LCD TV, 2+16 large capacity storage artificial intelligence slim body, as follows to collect the latest incoming friends' comments for your reference and comparison

first, Konka g55us 55 inch 4K TV friends commented that Sundaram added some suggestions from his mentor Wojciech matusik, an associate professor of electrical engineering and Computer Science (EECS) at Massachusetts Institute of technology; Marc Baldo is also an associate professor of EECS:

1. It's very good. The screen is large, and it looks very comfortable and clear. The goods received today are ready to be hung on the wall, and the installation hasn't come yet. We can only put it like this first. Then, if there is any problem, follow up the evaluation

using ICX (Global modified process 1 Chemical) technology

2. First of all, baby is the original genuine packaging carton that is not unpacked from the original factory, and the genuine is the last word. At first, I was afraid of buying crooked goods. It was really the licensed goods of the original factory! After installing the test machine, I just can't find the keys on the machine. It seems that I have to study for a few days. Customer service is good, logistics is super fast, awesome is satisfied with everything

3. For many years, I have bought Konka TV, which is the fourth one in China that started late. It arrived this morning and was installed in the afternoon after making an after-sales appointment across the country. The installation speed of the master is also very fast. I tried it with hot spots. It's not bad, and it's worth the money. As always, I support domestic products and Konka

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II. Configuration parameters:

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