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Konica Minolta color digital printing won the green equipment award

recently, the 2011 green award selection activity hosted by the China Institute of Printing Science and technology and directed by the printing and distribution management department of the General Administration of publishing held a grand award ceremony in Beijing. Konica Minolta launched a new color digital printing system bizhub press c8000 this year, With the industry-leading environmental performance, it has been highly praised by professional judges and users, and was awarded the title of green equipment award

it is understood that as an important part of the 2011 series of green printing activities in China, the selection of the green award aims to promote the green concept through the air machine operation brush industry after the launch, commend the pioneer model of green printing, and set a green printing benchmark. The whole process of the event received the full support of many authoritative scientific research institutions, including China Printing Technology Association and China Printing Science and Technology Research Institute, and many manufacturers in the printing industry all over the country responded widely. Several awards have been set up in the selection. After a month of comprehensive evaluation, the selection criteria of the green equipment award include environmental protection process, the use of environmental protection materials, energy utilization, carbon emission reduction indicators and other aspects, which can be seen from its strictness

it is inevitable to promote green printing in China. Data shows that China has become a major printing country, and the domestic printing industry has developed rapidly. During the past Eleventh Five Year Plan period, the average annual growth rate of the total output value of printing was 19.34%, reaching 770.65 billion yuan in 2010. However, in the face of high-speed development, there are also huge environmental pressure in the printing field, large energy consumption, serious pollution and waste, high operating costs of printing enterprises, and production efficiency needs to be improved, which can not be ignored. The printing industry urgently needs to transform to a sustainable development model

when referring to the development prospect of green printing in China, caohongsui, deputy director of the printing and distribution management department of the General Administration of publishing, said that green printing has become a new printing method widely used and increasingly popular abroad. In China, although green printing started relatively late and ranked first in the chemical industry, with the support of the government and the wide attention and welcome of the public, the market prospect is very broad. Deputy director Cao also pointed out that next, a number of green printing standards will be issued, focusing on primary and secondary school textbooks, government purchased products and food and drug packaging, vigorously promote the development of green printing during the 12th Five Year Plan period, and actively establish a green printing system

ldquo; After being tested by a third-party organization in China, the representative of Konica Minolta office system (China) Co., Ltd., Minister staroya, accepted the award and said: we have always paid attention to the promotion of environmental protection in product research and development and enterprise management. Led by the award-winning bizhub press c8000, Konica Minolta's digital printing system products, as well as digital multifunction peripheral machines and printers used for office output, All adopt a series of internationally leading environmental protection technologies. Through the use of high-performance and high-quality bizhub press c8000, combined with the promotion of digital printing, this appearance is not the on-demand printing technology that skill questions are good at, which can help users reduce the transportation of printed matter and unnecessary waste. He also revealed that since this year, Konica Minolta has increased its investment in the field of digital printing, and will successively launch a series of high-quality digital printing equipment products with environmental protection effects to meet the rapidly growing domestic printing market demand

about the green device bizhub press c8000

at the beginning of this year, Konica Minolta officially released a new digital printing brand bizhub press in China, and simultaneously launched its latest color high-speed digital printing system bizhub press c8000. This model is known as a breakthrough digital printing product that can really compete with offset printing. Since it was listed in the domestic market, it has been highly concerned by the industry

Konica Minolta bizhub press c8000 high-speed digital printing system can print 80 color pages per minute, with a maximum production accuracy of 1200 1200dpi. It adopts plant-based Simitri hd+ ultra-high image quality polymerized environmental protection toner, and uses the principle of carbon neutralization to reduce carbon emissions by about 30% in the process of production and use; Its unique single double-sided fixing technology can select the correct fixing times according to the paper type, reducing unnecessary energy consumption; By using less materials, the compact design can not only reduce the volume, weight and thickness of products, but also save raw materials and reduce the amount of waste, which helps to limit the impact of products on the environment after they are discarded

Konica Minolta bizhub press c8000 can also realize the on-demand printing technology of printing directly from data, reducing unnecessary output and stock, thus reducing the paper and energy consumption required for printing. Adopt standardized design, which can recycle equipment parts; To promote recycling, the same parts of the equipment housing are made of the same plastic

developing green printing is a major event that benefits the country and the people. With bizhub press c8000 as the benchmark, Konica Minolta will continue to promote environmental protection, strive to achieve energy conservation and emission reduction, and set a positive example for the sustainable development of the printing industry

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