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Konica Minolta: it refers to the first brand of digital printing in China.

shortly after arriving in China, Mr. Jifu Nakagawa, the managing director of Konica Minolta office systems (China) Co., Ltd., gave the Chinese printing industry media a valuable opportunity to get a close understanding of himself and the enterprises he led. On May 12, Konica Minolta office systems (China) Co., Ltd. opened its new dis digital exhibition space in Shanghai. Many professional media from Huicong printing and other professional media met this charismatic leader with many years of overseas work background at the event site. In subsequent interviews, Mr. Nakagawa Jifu shared with us his views on China's digital printing market and the future development plan of Konica Minolta office systems (China) Co., Ltd

as the new managing director of Konica Minolta office systems (China) Co., Ltd., Mr. Nakagawa Jifu has rich experience in overseas market management. Whether in Southeast Asia or the more competitive U.S. market, Mr. Nakagawa Jifu's excellent performance has made insiders look forward to his journey to China

provide consulting services for Chinese customers

in recent years, China's printing industry has made rapid development, but due to the low domestic labor cost, the traditional printing that needs to invest more manpower has occupied the dominant position at present, and the digital printing that simplifies manpower is still in the primary stage of development. In this regard, Mr. Nakagawa Jifu believes that with the enhancement of China's national strength, the human cost will continue to increase. It is an inevitable development trend to replace human labor with digital. At the same time, customers also put forward higher and higher requirements for on-demand printing. Therefore, China's digital development prospects are very promising. There is a saying in China that seeing is better than hearing. Mr. Nakagawa Jifu is also familiar with this. He told the author: next, I will actively visit customers, understand their specific needs on site, and formulate strategies more suitable for the needs of China's digital printing market

in the United States, where the printing industry is mature, Konica Minolta's innovative business model, which covers hardware, software, business development and consulting services, has been well developed, which is the difference between Konica Minolta and its competitors. But how to make this model glow in a completely different market, China? Mr. Nakagawa also said: experience in the United States has proved that advisory sales is a very effective business model that can be further strengthened. How to promote this model in China will be further understood

now Mr. Nakagawa Jifu and his Chinese team have presented this sales model to Chinese customers in a new way. The opening of dis digital exhibition space and the release of bizhub press further proved that Ke 1 is true, evil, and ugly. Nica Minolta is increasing its investment in the domestic digital printing field and its in-depth understanding of the Chinese market. Mr. Nakagawa Jifu said: our dis digital display space is not only a display of hardware, but also a platform to establish effective communication with customers and achieve common growth. Here, customers can understand the actual application of products and solutions. According to customers' needs, we can provide some suggestions on solutions and workflow on site, and help customers improve workflow, improve efficiency and increase profitability with an innovative business model of consulting, so as to work together with our customers

create Konica Minolta enterprise

for a global industry benchmark enterprise, we should not only focus on Konica Minolta's investment plan in the Chinese market. At a time when green printing has been written into the 12th Five Year Plan of China's printing industry, we are also concerned about how Konica Minolta implements this concept

it is understood that Konica Minolta's environmental protection measures are mainly reflected in two aspects. First, reduce emissions. The company has put forward specific environmental protection plans in 2009. 1. Under non working conditions, it has formulated Environmental Outlook 2050 and medium-term environmental plan 2015, and made clear emission reduction plans for carbon dioxide emissions, that is, by 2015, the carbon dioxide emissions in the whole product life cycle from factory production, logistics, sales, and finally to customer terminals will be reduced by 20% compared with 2005, and further reduced by 80% by 2050

Mr. Nakagawa told the author that Konica Minolta has always been committed to shaping the image of environmental protection enterprises worldwide, and has formulated a series of environmental protection measures. In order to ensure the realization of emission reduction targets, we have introduced a green factory certification system to comprehensively evaluate the environmental protection status of production plants in various regions

another measure of Konica Minolta's environmental protection measures is energy conservation, which is mainly reflected in its low-carbon environmental protection design of products. Mr. Nakagawa Jifu said: Konica Minolta's products have obtained many international and domestic environmental protection and energy conservation certifications, such as the certification of American Energy Star Energy Star, the certification of China Environmental Label low carbon environmental protection, etc. at the same time, our plant-based Simitri polymeric carbon powder can reduce the emission of harmful gases such as carbon dioxide not only in the production process, but also in the use process, Low temperature fusing can also reduce power and energy consumption and help customers effectively reduce use costs

in addition, Konica Minolta's corporate society is also reflected in its unremitting efforts to support public welfare undertakings. Mr. Nakagawa Jifu told the author that he also has a special identity, that is, the first Asian director of the American New Jersey Red Cross. After taking office in China, he will, as always, take the preliminary revision of the installation accuracy of the 2 film tensile testing machine. The main body of the testing machine should use the frame level or borrow the plumb bob in the attachment to revise the verticality of the columns in two directions perpendicular to each other, leading Konica Minolta to support social public welfare undertakings, For example, continue to donate to schools for mentally retarded children everywhere; At the personal level, Mr. Zhongchuan said that he would also actively participate in social public welfare activities in his personal time in the future. He said: in order to increase the sense of intimacy in serving the society and better complete social practice, I am also actively learning Chinese and hope to be able to devote myself to public welfare undertakings

in the increasingly competitive Chinese market, Konica Minolta aims to become the first brand in the field of digital printing in China. With its successful experience in overseas sales and competitive innovative products, it is committed to promoting the Advisory Service Model in the Chinese market and helping customers win business success

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