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Konica Minolta launched a comprehensive attack and won a number of BLI awards again

bli buyers laboratory Inc., the world's famous office equipment procurement weathervane, recently announced the award results of the 2011 summer annual award. With outstanding product performance, Konica Minolta A3 format medium and high-speed black-and-white multiplexer bizhub 652/552, PSES 2.1 management kit, and UPD universal print driver, He won two annual awards for medium and high-speed black-and-white multifunction peripheral, the annual award for print management suite, and the outstanding achievement award for innovative print driver, and won another award after winning a series of awards from bli at the beginning of this year

continue to lead the compound machine market

in the last round of BLI awards, Konica Minolta A3 format compound machine products won the crown of the annual outstanding full series product award at one stroke, which shows its brand strength in the office field. With consistently superior hardware quality and innovative expansion functions, Konica Minolta has just launched A3 format black-and-white recombiner new products bizhub 652 and bizhub 552, which once again won the unanimous favor of BLI evaluation engineers, and were awarded the outstanding product award of A3 black-and-white recombiner in PPM and ppm speed ranges respectively

excellent stability and excellent print quality are the commonalities of Konica Minolta products, which is also evident in the two newly launched medium and high-speed black-and-white compound machines bizhub 652 and bizhub 552. Mikolay of BLI commented that in addition to the high-speed printing function of 65 and 55 pages per minute, the newly expanded high-speed color scanning function (78opm) is also very suitable for busy high-volume working groups, effectively improving office efficiency

in addition, the print driver and control panel of bizhub 652 and bizhub 552 black-and-white multi-function peripheral are very suitable for customer needs, providing a user-friendly experience. The rich system selection components give customers sufficient choice space. Customers can increase product functions according to their purchasing power, such as saddle stapler and punching components that can customize 80 page booklets. Considering the security concerns of most users, these two devices also add functional settings such as hard disk backup and password writing to ensure the information security of enterprises

Mikolay concluded that these two Konica Minolta devices performed well in the evaluation process and were more competitive than other compound machine products of the same level. It was expected that they would win the prize

soft power is also excellent

in the impression of most domestic users who visit the copper based new material industry base, Konica Minolta is famous for producing high-quality office equipment. However, while the hardware is constantly upgraded, Konica Minolta also pays attention to the research and development of software matching technology. The two office software management Suites PSES 2.1 (pagescope Enterprise Suite 2.1) and universal print driver (UPD) approved by bli this time are enough to prove the strength of the brand in software follow-up

it can be tested continuously with the complex machine setting; Equipment plays an increasingly important role in daily office work. Customers begin to look for a way that can not only effectively manage daily output, but also track and reduce printing costs, improve document security, and increase the convenience of equipment management. Konica Minolta pagescope Enterprise Suite 2.1 is such an application software that integrates the above functions

in the experimental testing stage, the extensive applicability of PSES 2.1 impressed bli technicians most. PSES 2.1 print management suite based on network includes five applications: Net care device manager, account manager, authentication manager, my print manager and my Panel Manager. It provides multiple functions including remote device monitoring, statistical management, authentication management, simplifying personalized settings of devices, and seamlessly integrates and shares these functions. Customers do not need to find suppliers of corresponding solutions by categories, but only need to install PSES 2.1, and all device management functions can be realized one by one

another award-winning software, universal print driver (UPD), was praised by bli for its wide network printing compatibility. This driver allows users to easily find Konica Minolta and other brands of printers and multi-function machines on the network, and automatically match them. Thanks to those customers who introduced our experimental machine, they are also friends. The corresponding print driver can print office documents smoothly, making the work more efficient

we have seen many general-purpose print drivers, but they only simplify the print driver settings. Konica Minolta's UPD simplifies the whole workflow from finding printing equipment to printing output in a way we have never seen before. Tony maceri, senior test technician of BLI, further explained that although many general-purpose print drivers can achieve partial network compatibility, Konica Minolta's solution is a step ahead of other competitors. UPD can list the working conditions of each printing device, so as to avoid the waste of waiting time and resources caused by the wrong printer settings

for winning a number of BLI awards this time, Konica Minolta office systems (China) Co., Ltd. said that in today's increasingly competitive office market, it is undoubtedly an affirmation of the brand value of Konica Minolta to be rewarded by bli, an authoritative evaluation organization. These awards of BLI not only highlight the efforts of Konica Minolta in providing customers with high-quality products, but also further prove from an objective point of view that our products have high application value for the optimization of today's enterprise office environment

Bli (buyers laboratory Inc.): the buyer laboratory is an independent evaluation laboratory of global office products. It has more than 50 years of professional experience, an information database of more than 15000 products, and has published various evaluation reports for a long time. It is highly authoritative in the configuration and price guidance of office products such as multi-function machines, printers, fax machines, etc

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