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Konica Minolta Asia branch and in

recently, Konica Minolta Asia Branch signed an agreement with in map, a well-known automated sales and mapping software development company. Konica Minolta will use in map software to optimize its management and printing services and improve the sales volume of services

Konica Minolta will use in map software and management tools such as fmaudit and printfleet to collect customer print information. The information collected will form the benchmark of the customer's printing and presentation environment

in order to make the current environment more visual and sensible, Konica Minolta Asia branch uses the drawing function of in map to draw the equipment on a layered plan, simulating the actual position of the equipment in the end-user's use environment. After the required data is compiled and its application field is actively expanded, Konica Minolta will optimize the data and propose to customers the reasonable and feasible equipment layout and the lowest cost and most effective business case that can reduce its impact through vertical integration

in-map uses hierarchical layout map and TCO data to generate a report on the current printing environment of customers and the printing environment in the improvement scheme proposed by Konica Minolta, so that customers can better understand their current situation and the state they can achieve after improvement. These professional reports will be presented to customers in the unique style, color and typesetting of Konica Minolta Asia branch

using in map can realize automation, save time and reduce error rate compared with manual operation. End users can enjoy the consistency between data collection and report analysis in different regions

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