At the hottest spring national meeting, Lovol Arbo

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On the spring "national meeting", Lovol Arbos was all high-end

on the spring "national meeting", Lovol Arbos was all high-end

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on March 23, 2017 national agricultural machinery and parts exhibition was grandly held in Zhengzhou, Henan Province. Lovol Arbos agricultural equipment, with high-end products such as power shift tractors, air suction precision seeders and longitudinal axial-flow wheat harvesters, showed the mature application of industry-leading technologies such as intelligence, precision, informatization, energy conservation and environmental protection in the field of agricultural machinery

Wang Yurong, executive deputy general manager of Lovol heavy industries, introduced the company's participation to Chen Zhi, President of China Agricultural Machinery Industry Association

Lovol core parts exhibition area has many customers

at present, deepening supply side reform has become an important measure to promote economic and social development. Lovoapos agricultural equipment takes the lead in starting the adjustment and upgrading of the supply structure and quality of agricultural machinery and equipment through innovation. In the practice of removing the production capacity of traditional agricultural machinery and equipment and increasing the high-tech intelligent production capacity of power shift tractors, precision seeders, longitudinal axial-flow harvesters, etc., it has taken the lead in the whole industry

the power shift and intelligent control technology of apos power shift tractors exhibited in this exhibition are all independently developed by Lovol heavy industries. Relying on Arbos European R & D center, this product integrates global high-end R & D, manufacturing and parts resources. It is equipped with world-class power shift transmission system and corresponding electronic and electrical architecture, as well as automatic navigation/driverless and other automatic operation technology modules. The application of this series of sensing, remote sensing, electronic control and other technologies can not only match the full series of composite work tools, realize the personalized customization of user needs, but also promote the energy conservation, environmental protection and safety of Arbos tractor in the operation process, so that this "intelligent tractor" brings a new product experience to the majority of users

the appearance of apos tractor attracted attention

among them, 21 items in the chemical raw materials and chemical products manufacturing industry were included

users pay attention to the new Lovol leopard m1504-d tractor

users "study" Lovol apos plant protection machinery

industry experts said that when agriculture becomes precise and controllable from field production to market positioning and then to promotion and marketing, the resource utilization and output efficiency of agriculture in the first three quarters can be greatly improved. For example, 000 strobe channel 0, which is committed to providing users with a full range of mechanized overall solutions, in addition to taking the lead in the field of harvesters, tractors and other complete machines, has also continued to focus on research and strategic layout of precision agricultural machines and tools in recent years, striving to provide users with a full set of mechanized farmland operation solutions from agricultural machines to agricultural machines and tools through horizontal business expansion

the matt mark air suction precision seeder displayed in this exhibition is a high-end product that realizes the precision of agricultural production and planting links. This product is suitable for planting corn, beans, beets, peanuts, cotton, castor and other crops that can summon up the courage to join the tide of entrepreneurship; Among them, the core component - seeder is the unique core technology of the product. Its biggest feature is that the sowing precision is high. The sowing precision of each seed in each hole is accurately controlled, and the sowing precision is greater than 98%; At the same time, the sowing row spacing and plant spacing can also be adjusted according to different crops and agronomic requirements. The unified standard row spacing and plant spacing create powerful conditions for subsequent mechanized management and harvest

another highlight of Lovol apos agricultural equipment in this exhibition is its newly developed Lovol Ceres gm80 longitudinal axial grain combine. Lovol Ceres series wheat harvesters have achieved the best sales in the industry for 16 consecutive years, and now they once again lead the industry into the field of longitudinal axial flow technology. Lovol Ceres gm80 adopts a super large longitudinal axial flow drum to make the cleaning cleaner and less loss in the process of grain harvest. "After four years of research and development and three years of verification, Lovol Ceres gm80 is intelligent, efficient and versatile. It will definitely bring a new driving experience to the majority of robot operators!" Lovol Valley God gm80 R & D director said at the exhibition site

pay close attention to the on-site experience of Lovol Ceres gm80

"the development and successful application of Lovol Ceres gm80 harvester has achieved another breakthrough in feeding volume, and the harvest efficiency has been greatly improved. It represents the advanced level of harvesters in China, and is the most ideal model for updating and replacing imported products in China." Industry experts said

star product Lovol Ceres gm80 became the focus of the audience

users asked about the performance characteristics of Lovol agricultural machinery products

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