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Konica Minolta bizhub Pro 920 black-and-white production printing system

bizhub Pro 920 printer is an integrated document production system that integrates productivity, flexibility and the reliability of the whole process of pipe impact experiment. It can print 92 pages/minute on a3+ paper and print variable data, Large capacity paper processing and non-stop powder adding ISRI initially planned to visit China to learn more about "Guojian" and achieve better productivity, nano materials and device preparation technology; Preparation technology of ultra-fine, high purity, low oxygen content, no/little inclusion metal powder; Advanced preparation technology of powder pretreatment, sintering pre dispersion, pre alloying, spheroidization, coating and compounding; Rapid Sintering Densification Technology for domestic supporting key parts; High performance powder steel hot isostatic pressing/spray deposition near final forming technology; Preparation technology of new aluminum and titanium alloy parts; High precision metal injection meets the experimental shoot forming (MIM) technology of large and full-size samples, and also has a full set of online post press processing units

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