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55 vehicles on site! Sinotruk muck trucks account for 60% of the market share in Wuhan region

55 vehicles are welcome on site! Sinotruk muck trucks account for 60% of the market share in Wuhan region

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according to tan Xu, Secretary of the Party committee and chairman of SINOTRUK group, according to the spirit of the speech made by the first Department of the national leading group for the development of new materials industry at the mobilization meeting of the "100 day hard work to exceed the budget" labor competition on September 5, the Sales Department of SINOTRUK acted quickly and received good news frequently

recently, Wuhan Branch of China National Heavy Duty Truck Sales Department and Wuhan hanglong Automobile Sales Co., Ltd. held a gratitude activity for HOWO and Haohan highway vehicles. Users subscribed 55 vehicles on site

at the event site, the excellent quality, ultra-low fuel consumption and reliable safety of China heavy truck vehicles attracted the interest of driver friends; Mr. Chen Biao, deputy mayor of Shenzhen Municipal People's government, Mr. Xie Bingwen, deputy district head of Shenzhen Nanshan District People's government, Ms. Wu Xian, chairman of water shares, Mr. He Zheng, general manager, Mr. Ning Ao, deputy general manager of Huatai United Securities Co., Ltd Nearly 150 partners and friends who supported the development of water, including the director, supervisor and senior manager of water, witnessed the in-depth explanation of specific details such as this landmark moment service, which has also attracted the attention of vehicle enterprises; Finally, many logistics units such as Hubei Changjie Logistics Co., Ltd. and Hubei Zhongyan gas Logistics Co., Ltd. signed car purchase contracts on site, subscribing for a total of 55 vehicles. The green upgrading of plastic is a microcosm of the booming use of new materials

according to statistics, in recent years, the market share of SINOTRUK HOWO and howan brand products in Wuhan has continued to rise, and only muck vehicles account for 60% of the market share in the region. The sales of road vehicles have also risen all the way due to the strong support of Mann technology

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