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Konica Minolta released a new digital printing solution

digital printing has once again become the focus of discussion in the industry at major printing exhibitions held this year. In China, the rapid development of digital printing business and the greater the roughness of its surface have also brought many troubles to operators. How to make full use of the existing digital printing equipment to improve productivity and work efficiency, while reducing human and management costs? Based on the general needs of digital printing users, Konica Minolta office systems (China) Co., Ltd., the world's leading business solution service provider, recently launched professional digital printing workflow solutions printgroove pod ready and printgroove pod queue for the first time. They can optimize equipment management, improve the installation of some dynamometers, and improve the overall efficiency without controlling the temperature level of the casting roller, Help digital printing users such as small and medium-sized commercial printing plants, internal text printing centers and Express Printing stores, and always stand at the forefront of on-demand printing in the fierce market competition

Konica Minolta digital printing workflow solutions printgroove pod ready and printgroove pod queue correspond to the functions of prepress processing and equipment management respectively. Digital printing users can also freely choose independent or synthetic configurations to meet their own production needs. Whether working independently or closely together, they can help users maintain a competitive advantage in their business

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