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Komvar project start-up activities: production of high-tech battery cells in Manz group's plant in t Ü Bingen, Germany

komvar project start-up activities: production of high-tech battery cells in Manz group's plant in t Ü Bingen, Germany

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customcells Itzehoe GmbH, customcells t ü Bingen GmbH, P3 automotive and Zentrum f ü R sonnenergie- und wasserstoff Forschung g Baden-W ü rttemberg (ZSW), et al, In conjunction with Daimler AG, Manz group, Andreas Stihl Ag Co. kg and other partners, the company jointly launched a project called komvar to produce competitive variant production for lithium accumulators ", sponsored by the German Ministry of economy and energy (BMWi). The overall project is jointly promoted by partners and BMWi, with a financial budget of 8.2 million euros

during the two-year project development, a highly flexible battery cell pilot production line will be established in the new production site of customcells to produce a small to medium number of high-quality and medium-sized lithium-ion battery cells

although the factory has only a small to medium amount of capacity, it can produce various designs and technologies of cells with mass production quality. During the operation of the project, a small number of different types of cells will be produced, with a maximum number of 1000 and a maximum size of 200mm x 200mm; At the same time, it will also test the quality and manufacturing cost of finished products. During the period, data such as output, conversion time, consumption and cost will be recorded and evaluated, which will contribute to the feasibility analysis of economic efficiency. At the end of the project, there will be a clear understanding of whether the produced cells are marketable in the market

customized battery cells produced in Germany

Lithium ion batteries are key technologies in many industrial fields. Nowadays, countless energy storage products win with quality, and the main efficiency advantage lies in the lithium-ion battery used. In addition to a large number of consumer electronic products and increasingly important electric vehicle applications, more and more market segments began to use lithium-ion batteries; These market segment products rely on rapid development and short matching cycle, so a small amount of battery cells need to be developed and produced according to specific specifications and efficiency parameters. This feature is a favorable factor for practitioners, especially in the pre development and prototype stages

this project plays an important role in helping lay the next step in the development of the battery industry in Germany and Europe. The various professional knowledge and technological R & D achievements it generates will be closer to the application of the enterprise end. Small and medium-sized production capacity, the pilot production line can be connected with the existing large-scale lithium battery cell production projects in Germany and Europe in an ideal production mode. In this way, more employment opportunities can be created

participating partners' comments on the project

customcells CEO Leopold K ö nig said: "For customcells and its participating partners, this project will lay the foundation to help Germany build the capacity to produce battery cell series, improve the quality, safety and manufacturing transparency of lithium-ion batteries to an unprecedented level, and find the most ideal relationship between technological innovation, function and cost.

this is an important necessity for a base that is about to become one of the most advanced production facilities in Europe Conditions. Our operation in Tubingen focuses on applications, such as achieving safe electrical bridging, and being able to provide high-quality one-stop packaging for our partners Daimler and Stihl and other customcells customers - from high-quality development to high-quality mass production. "

Dr Wolfgang braunwarth, director of production and R & D of ZSW, said, "ZSW has invested many years of rich experience in the project, including lithium-ion technology and a series of development of production processes of almost large lithium-ion battery cells. In the komvar project, we will focus on the development of quality assurance concepts and attach characteristic process solutions."

p3 Markus woland, an expert in automotive battery production: "A particularly important part is the ability to use factory technology to produce batteries of arbitrary or geometric shapes, which is highly related to the target industry and market. As a high-quality German company, thanks to leading technology and flexible design, it can survive in the competitive international market.

at the same time, it is also detrimental to vision. In addition, the research results obtained from small battery cells show that such battery cells can be used later For electric vehicles and other applications, only slightly different battery cells will be used in some cases. A small amount of flexibility to develop, manufacture and test battery cells of different sizes and technologies can help users in the industry grasp the necessary advantages through reaction speed, which is economically beneficial in the long run

introduction and cooperation of the project alliance

komvar alliance is established to achieve this goal, invest existing knowledge in the field of battery cell development in the project, and expand knowledge through corresponding research work. As a relevant partner, Manz group has deep factory manufacturing knowledge and provides the company's existing production plant in Tubingen to the komvar project as a research and development platform. This production platform will include all production steps, from pole ear cutting to battery packaging

some project related implementation (electrolyte filling, pre aging test of battery cells and exhaust) will be subcontracted to Manz group by customcells Itzehoe GmbH. In this way, the whole process chain can be reflected and displayed on the kmovar project, which shows that the kmovar project is representative, especially in terms of technical feasibility and competitiveness. Manz will continue to build the komvar system according to the development specifications of customcells Itzehoe, the basis of which includes Manz's own experience in predicting the market situation, P3 Auto's views on the existing market and the known customer needs by adopting the cylinder down motive

after deciding to develop the concept and build and rebuild the Tubingen plant, the newly established customcells t ü Bingen GmbH will use the materials provided by customcells Itzehoe in the plant to perform the corresponding test operations. ZSW will also conduct testing operations together to derive and evaluate the corresponding quality assurance under special new conditions

ZSW and customcells Itzehoe will be responsible for inspecting and judging the characteristics of the battery cells generated by the test operation, so as to compare the cost, quality and product application flexibility standards with customcells and other manufacturers. While carrying out the test operation, practical information on the cost of changing the format and chemical properties of the battery cell will be generated. Customcells and P3 automotive are used to develop a comprehensive concept of economic efficiency. After the successful completion of komvar project, customcells will seek further cooperation with relevant partners Daimler, Manz and Stihl

komvar partner

customcells Itzehoe gmbh

customcells is one of the major companies in the world developing special lithium-ion battery cells. Customcells is located in Itzehoe, Schleswig Holstein, Germany. Adhering to the spirit of German manufacturing, customcells develops and produces exclusive battery cells for various applications, ranging from prototypes to small and medium-sized series products. Based on the flexible manufacturing concept and advanced R & D and production equipment, customcells guarantees to provide high-tech solutions for special application markets, and customize, develop and produce various electrodes, electrolytes, battery cells and battery modules to meet customer needs

p3 automotive

p3 is a top electric vehicle technical consulting company, whose business scope covers the development of vehicle battery storage system, electric drive and testing charging infrastructure and hardware. With more than 800 consultants, the company pays great attention to the development of electric vehicles and provides technical implementation consulting services to the world's top players. P3's strength lies in providing customers with professional solutions covering the overall value chain, including the recycling and reuse of battery raw materials to electric vehicles. Their specialized service fields include: electric vehicles and future smart electric vehicles - Process Management - cost management - change management - Supply Chain Management - quality management - but the supply of copper foil and cobalt is in short supply and it is difficult to slow down in a short time. Data analysis - complete vehicle development, which is in a leading position in the market


the center for solar energy and hydrogen research Baden-W ü rttemberg (ZSW for short) is one of the top research institutions, specializing in Applied Research in the fields of solar photovoltaic, renewable fuels, cell technology, fuel cells and energy system analysis. Located in Stuttgart, Ulm and widderstall, ZSW currently employs about 260 scientists, engineers and technicians, as well as 90 scientific and student assistants. ZSW is a member of the innovation alliance Baden-W ü rttemberg (innbw); This is an association of 13 non university business oriented research institutions

customcells t ü Bingen gmbh

customcells established a new company in t ü Bingen to expand existing service projects. For example, custom cells t ü Bingen GmbH can use 500 m ² The drying room is used for manufacturing battery cells and providing lithium-ion battery cell services. In addition to providing consulting services, producing electrodes and developing prototypes, CCT is currently focusing on the development and production of a series of high-quality lithium-ion battery cells (a small to medium number) in the Tubingen plant as part of the komvar project

the new generation of information technology industry should focus on strategic and leading industries such as software, integrated circuit, new display, cloud computing, big data, virtual display, green computing, artificial intelligence and intelligent hardware; The new material industry should strive to break through a batch of advanced basic materials such as advanced steel materials and petrochemical materials urgently needed in key utilization fields

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