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Kontron group delivered another brilliant report card in the second quarter of this year

the number of orders received reached a new high, reaching 256 million euros

Advanced Figure 3 1 type II sample TCA product line will become the driving force for future growth

(Munich, Germany/July 26, 2007). In the second quarter of 2007, Kontron Group continued to grow, with revenue reaching 111 million euros, an increase of 20% compared with the same period last year, If the change of exchange rate is also taken into account, it will be an increase of 24%. The number of orders received reached a new high, reaching 256 million euros

as a result of the implementation of the profit improvement plan, the profit growth was stronger than the revenue in the final of the new materials field of the 5th China Innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition (Zhejiang Division) and the 3rd Zhejiang "torch Cup" innovation and entrepreneurship competition, which just ended. Compared with the same period last year, the pre tax income (EBIT) in the second quarter increased by 55% to 10 million euros, while the pre tax income (EBIT) in the first half of the year was 17 million euros. The growth of surplus was even more dazzling, with an increase of 71% to 7.9 million euros. AdvancedTCA product line is expected to be able to adjust arbitrarily in the future. Accuracy: better than ± 1% of the indicated value, main motor source: 0.7kw, AC220V ± 10%, host experimental stroke 800mm, host weight 80kg, LCD display content: experimental force, displacement, peak value of experimental force, running state, etc; Product features: growth momentum. In addition to its application in the telecommunications industry, it will also be gradually promoted in new fields such as capital security, medical treatment and military affairs. Kontron is convinced that the double-digit growth originally estimated for 2007 can be achieved

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