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Konica Minolta production level printing system project

since Konica Minolta bizhub Pro 1050 was officially listed in China in February 2006, it has achieved extraordinary sales performance, especially in Shanghai, Beijing and Guangzhou, and has been fully recognized by the industry. Bizhub Pro 1050 embodies the concise design concept, high-quality image quality, high productivity and high stability. It represents the achievements of Konica Minolta over the years. With 105 pages per minute of high productivity, high reliability and convenient operation, this device has won the title of "five stars" excellent performance given by bli organization

now let's take a look at the successful application of bizhub Pro 1050 in the domestic market

Shanghai computer printing Co., Ltd.

Shanghai computer printing Co., Ltd. has 7 Direct stores in Shanghai and 8 cooperations in 6 major cities in China- YINGDIAN, 3 joint ventures, established strategic partnerships with 5 enterprises, and entered the overseas market at the same time. It established a digital printing factory in Auckland, New Zealand, and a branch in Melbourne, Australia. Under the leadership of Mr. Yang Weiguang, the company provides various document processing schemes for design institutes, engineering companies, advertising companies and various corporate administrative departments to meet their needs, especially for short-term printing with small batch, short time, fast cycle, many changes and high quality. Shanghai computer printing Co., Ltd- It has developed into one of the largest digital printing companies in China

the reason why Shanghai computer printing Co., Ltd. chose Konica Minolta bizhub Pro 1050 as its main equipment for black-and-white business documents- Because bizhub Pro 1050 stands out among the products of the same industry, it fully highlights its advantages in the digital printing industry

cost advantage

running cost is a cost that most bosses in the fast printing industry care about very much. Konica Minolta takes full account of the characteristics of the digital printing market, and allows bizhub Pro 1050 to flexibly implement a3/a4 separate and reasonable billing. Those shop owners who want to save costs do not need to spend more manpower and time to make up and cut, so as to save not only sheet costs, human costs, but also more valuable time costs, That is, spend less time dealing with more printing

flexibility and diversity

users can choose the output paper in a wider range, such as offset paper, í - Master paper and all kinds of art paper, and the quantity of paper that can be carried is 50?; 300g/m2, meeting the maximum image output size of 314mm × 452mm, maximum paper size 324mm × 460mm。

stability and reliability

bizhub Pro 1050 organically combines stability and reliability to achieve long-term non-stop operation of a large number of printing, which is another important factor for Mr. Yang Weiguang of Shanghai computer printing Co., Ltd. to choose this equipment- Because

on the one hand, bizhub Pro 1050 adds two professional designs in the paper feeding part. The first is to prevent the detection system of multiple paper feeding, so as to reduce the error rate of paper feeding when the equipment is running; The second is the air assisted feeding technology, which uses air assisted feeding in each carton to improve the mutual adhesion of í - Master paper in the feeding process, so as to ensure a more stable feeding. On the other hand, bizhub Pro 1050 allows the Ministry of public security to no longer implement the No. 65 document on the development of organic thermal insulation materials, and the new trend paper volume reaches 9000. During high-speed operation, it realizes non-stop powder addition and non-stop paper addition, so as to ensure the long-term non-stop operation of a large number of printing services

Shanghai computer printing Co., Ltd. prints up to 400000 black and white documents every month? 500000 prints, while the peak monthly print volume of bizhub Pro 1050 is as high as 1.5 million prints. Its stability and reliability is an ideal choice for such large domestic digital printing companies at present

a well-known Japanese trademark printing Co., Ltd. in Shanghai

a well-known Japanese trademark printing Co., Ltd. in Shanghai is a Japanese funded commercial printing factory specializing in garment trademark printing, with stable customers and large business volume. Bizhub Pro 1050 undertakes the main printing and output task of hang tag trademark. Print size is 270mm × 390mm, finished product size 40mm × 80mm, using 250g/m2 special recycled paper, double-sided printing front and back. Due to the high stability of the equipment and the high accuracy of overprint

, the overprint error is strictly required to be within 0.2mm. When bizhub Pro 1050 is output in large quantities for a long time, the user does not need to change) it is still accurate, ensuring the daily production and delivery of trademarks

The application of bizhub Pro 1050 in this printing company is very representative, and the needs of customers are very special and demanding

high precision variable data overprint

bizhub Pro 1050 is quite professional in precise overprint. The customer's requirement is that the size of each small trademark is 40mm × 80mm. If the overprint error is greater than 0.2mm, the finished product will also mean waste. Bizhub Pro 1050 realizes the overprint of variable data on offset paper. The newly developed polymer toner can create a smooth new copy surface, which is completely at the same level as the previous offset layer, so as to truly complete the overprint task with high quality

application of special paper

overprint variable data onto offset printed paper, which requires very high precise paper feeding of the equipment. The paper used by customers is 250g/m2 recycled paper. With such paper, the general equipment is easy to jam and it is difficult to accurately align. Bizhub Pro 1050 uses the newly developed polymer toner to realize low-temperature fixing and prevent the curl of the paper due to overheating from offsetting during the paper feeding process, thus once again ensuring the accuracy of a large number of overprint

bizhub Pro 1050 production system's multi-functional features ensure that the sales business leaps to a higher professional level, and penetrates into various target markets, including enterprise CRD, express printing shops charged by sheet, data centers and commercial printing. Achieve new breakthroughs in innovation driven from prepress; Efforts to build three systems of raw material industry management. The one-time completion after printing, strong production capacity and advanced paper discharge processing options can enable professional production users to develop into new profitable fields such as variable data printing and high-quality batch production

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