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Can Konka awe's sales revenue of 40 billion 8K TVs be achieved?

from March 8 to 11, China home appliance and consumer electronics Expo (awe2018) was successfully held in Shanghai New International Expo Center until a characteristic crack perpendicular to the stretching direction was generated. As one of the largest comprehensive exhibitions in China's home appliance industry, awe this year still brings together many domestic and foreign home appliance and technology enterprises to actively participate, and everyone spared no effort to show their "housekeeping skills"

Konka, the leading brand in China's TV industry, released the world's first A2 art glass TV, a new 75 inch 8K split TV and OLED new products at the meeting, and received great attention with its remarkable achievements of breaking through 30billion in sales revenue in 2017, making a profit of 5billion yuan for the whole year, with a year-on-year increase of more than 50 times. Moreover, at awe2018, Konka also put forward the prospect of achieving 40 billion sales revenue and 450 million net profit in 2018. In terms of the market situation and technical trends of color TV sets, can Konka achieve its goal

the market remained optimistic in 2018

looking back on the past year, the color TV industry suffered unprecedented development pain. According to AVC's total data, the retail scale of China's color TV market in 2017 was 47.52 million units, down 6.6% year-on-year, affected by complex factors such as rising panel prices, tightening real estate policies, and the impact of Internet TV brands. In particular, from March 2016 to April 2017, color TV panels experienced the longest price rise cycle. In 2017, 220million sets of complete sets were shipped worldwide, a year-on-year decrease of 3.3%, which was the culprit of the sluggish color TV market last year. Then, will the market continue this unfavorable situation in 2018

AVC predicts that in 2018, the retail scale of the color TV market will reach 48.98 million units, with a year-on-year increase of 3.1%, the retail volume will reach 159.7 billion yuan, with a year-on-year decrease of 2.1%, and the sales area will reach 34.54 million square meters, with a year-on-year increase of 9.4%. It believes that in 2018, the supply and demand of the upstream panel were generally loose, and the production capacity continued to increase; The real estate policy has gradually loosened, and the goal of gradually improving the industrial system has been achieved. The demand for upgrading has increased, and the pull of new demand has rebounded. Therefore, the color TV market as a whole remained optimistic in 2018

judging from the current industry production, many panel production lines around the world have begun to enter the ramp up stage of mass production, which means that the global panel production capacity will continue to increase. More institutions predict that the global panel production capacity will continue to increase in 2018, and the supply-demand ratio will reach more than 5%. The overall supply and demand of TV panels is loose, and the panel price is expected to continue to fall, which will alleviate the cost pressure of color TV enterprises. With the continuous improvement of the supply side, the expectations of color TV enterprises on the market scale are also gradually optimistic. It is expected that the expected shipments of the five major domestic enterprises in the Chinese market in 2018 will increase by 23% year-on-year, an increase of 17 percentage points over 2017

at the same time, Fang Hongqiang, vice president of Hangxiao steel structure group and professor level senior engineer, introduced that 2018 was the climax of the replacement of the leading batch of LCD TVs, and on the demand side as a whole, it will achieve a restorative growth compared with 2017. In addition, in 2018, large-scale sports events such as the Russian World Cup and the Winter Olympics will be held. Driven by sports events, the TV market demand is expected to grow rapidly, and the overall sales growth rate of the global industry is expected to be about 3%

both on the supply side and the demand side, the color TV market in 2018 is expected to be optimistic, which undoubtedly gives leading TV companies such as Konka an opportunity to distance themselves from their peers. The favorable market will greatly help Konka achieve its sales goals

sitting on the competitive strength of differentiated products

with the deepening of consumption upgrading and industrial structure upgrading, the real competition in the market is actually the product hard power behind innovative technology, which is very obvious in the color TV industry with high maturity. Dong min, vice president of ovicloud, believes that in 2018, color TV enterprises need to improve their competitiveness through differentiated products. First, improve the display effect through advanced display technology; Second, the combination of artistic and practical design; Third, achieve high-quality interactive experience through scientific and technological means

obviously, judging from the exhibition of a series of new black technology products on awe2018 Konka TV, its unremitting efforts in technological innovation are also in line with the current technological development situation, giving products differentiated competitive strength. First of all, Konka A2 all art TV, endorsed by the famous director Jia Zhangke, uses high-strength tempered art glass as the front and rear backboards, and transparent glass substrates are used at the front and rear of the frame, realizing the "borderless" effect. In actual viewing, it can help consumers extend their field of vision, so as to obtain a better viewing experience

in addition, Konka A2 art TV is also equipped with Dolby horizon HDR imaging technology, using the HDR innovative technology used in Dolby's world's most advanced cinemas. Dolby horizon is the industry's first-class and only end-to-end HD startup park construction speed r solution, which can bring higher brightness and contrast, as well as more comprehensive and rich colors, and bring changes to the entertainment experience

at the same time, from the perspective of advanced display technology, the 8K TV brought by Konka adopts the popular split design in the industry. Due to the adjustment of the back structure, the internal hardware unit has been completely separated from the TV screen, which can further break the boundary in the appearance design of the TV, present thinner and more fashionable products for users, and thus decorate the home more flexibly. In terms of image quality, Konka 8K split TV is the only product in the world that displays 8K 60p signal through one line. Through the internal signal lossless transmission of 8K signal, the image has been lossless restored. The release of Konka 8K TV will break the embarrassing situation that 8K TV is popular but can't win seats

in addition to 8K, Konka, one of the first companies to join the OLED camp in the world, also supports Dolby? Dolby vision HDR image technology shows the strong strength of the pioneers in the field of OLED TV

in terms of high-quality interactive experience, Konka not only focuses on improving the concept of "modeling + experience", but also on optimizing the concept of "image quality + sound quality". New products such as Konka 8K TV and A2 art TV are based on standard AI, realizing the all-round improvement of appearance, vision and hearing

behind the products that conform to the trend of the industry is Konka's early layout of high-end large screen display and artificial intelligence, which leads to the upgrading of consumer consumption structure. At present, color TV technology is very diversified, which brings more market opportunities for the development of enterprises. As a leading enterprise in the industry, Konka has already quickly established its own barriers from the upstream, middle and downstream of the industrial chain, obtained more market resources through the first in advantage of new technologies, and at the same time, more accurately tapped consumer demand, expanded the space for product differentiation, and quickly realized the industrial layout

the effect of system reform begins to appear

in fact, the most distinctive part of Konka TV lies in its own reform and development. In 2016, Konka began to break through the "ceiling" of the system and established a highly competitive, fully market-oriented and industry-oriented business system; In 2017, Konka has been actively promoting the upgrading of development mode and the reform of mechanism and system. At the beginning of 2017, Konka also completed the socialized competitive recruitment of senior management team, and actively carried out the integration and restructuring of existing businesses to continuously improve organizational efficiency

up to now, Konka has changed the previous mode of taking hardware as the main means of profit, and established the development mode of "hardware + software", "terminal + user", "investment control + finance", as well as the expansion idea of "technology + industry + urbanization"

Konka is not only a color TV business company, but also needs to speed up its diversified expansion and transform into an investment holding group. On the one hand, we hope to expand new product lines through mergers and acquisitions, independent research and development, or the allocation of incubators; On the other hand, it also hopes to achieve expansion through investment and mergers and acquisitions; Finally, we hope to form an IOT ecosystem through direct investment Konka's system reform chess game is taking shape step by step, and since this year, the reform effect will be gradually released, promoting the rapid expansion of TV business, and the leading edge will be amplified again

at present, the color TV market has ended its scale expansion, and the release of demand driven by the adjustment of product structure will become the main theme of market development and conform to the background of China's consumption upgrading. In this process, Konka TV constantly stirred up consumers' demand nerves through differentiated products, and continued to increase increment with its unique reform mode. It is not difficult to predict that in 2018, when all kinds of situations are favorable, Konka TV's vision of 40 billion sales revenue and 450 million net profit will be realized

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