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Konica Minolta will launch color high-speed printing system

recently, Konica Minolta (Konica Minolta brings work obstacles) announced that it will launch its color production high-speed printing system for the Chinese market in March 2007 - Bizhu range 100 ⑴ 70 yuan/ton bpr0 c6500. This machine has 65 pages/minute color and black-and-white output at the same speed, flexible and diverse post press binding processing system, and can be applied to high gloss/matte coated paper, offset paper and other paper types. This is a new flagship product launched by Konica Minolta to China's high-end digital printing market after the successful sales of bizhub Pro C500 in the printing industry. It is mainly aimed at high-end mass production customers in the domestic industry with more than 50000 prints per month and massive production tasks, especially fast printing enterprises that provide professional printing services. With the production capacity of up to 300000 prints per month to handle massive tasks, professional color restoration management functions High reliability and economic and reasonable overall operation cost to meet the market demand for massive, fast and personalized production tasks. It can be predicted that the launch of Konica Minolta bizhub PR0 c6500 will bring new impetus to China's digital printing market

Konica Minolta bizhub PR0 c6500 is a production-oriented high-speed printing system. With an output speed of 65 pages per minute, it has a paper feeding system of 7500 papers and an output system of 8000 sheets, and can directly add paper and replace toner without stopping, which brings users the guarantee of long-term efficient and stable production

bizhub Pro c6500 adopts the new Simitri HD (high definition) polymerized toner unique to Konica Minolta, which is smaller and smoother than the previous simirti polymerized toner. Uniform and regular toner particles penetrate into the paper fibers to ensure long-term and stable output quality. At the same time, the low-temperature fixing technology ensures that the paper is smoother in the transmission process and reduces the curling of the paper, which also effectively prevents the displacement of the paper during double-sided printing caused by the thermal expansion and cold contraction of the paper. By using the center positioning technology, the accuracy of the front and back sides can be controlled within 0.5num. In addition, the new ASIC image processor built into this model makes the printed lines and images more hierarchical and more accurate

bizhub Pro c6500 has been strengthened in the processing capacity of paper thickness, and has the function of directly printing coated paper. It can process printing materials with a thickness of up to 300g/N2, and greatly speed up large-size media such as thick paper and large octave. In order to ensure that papers of various sizes, weights and types can be processed stably, Konica Minolta bizhu4 and materialman should also test the materials when developing new materials. B Pro c6500 has an air assisted paper feeding system to prevent paper jams caused by mutual adhesion of paper coated plates; In addition, a multi sheet detection sensor is used to prevent multiple sheets of paper from overlapping and feeding. In addition, the bizhub Pro c6500 can also heat and dehumidify the paper in the carton through the dehumidification heating component selected in the carton, so as to ensure stable output and high-quality color performance

Konica Minolta bizhub Pro c6500 also has a flexible and diverse post press processing system. The optional FD-501 and fs-607 booklet layout processors can realize six folding modes, such as Z-folding, double parallel folding, split folding, central folding, inner folding and outer folding; The two hole and four hole punching mode and the binding mode of flat binding, corner binding, horse riding binding and wireless adhesive binding bring diversified choices to users; The optional sd-501 cover inserter can realize the function of inserting pre printed cover, back cover and inner page, further improve production efficiency and ensure stable output

Konica Minolta bizhub Pro c6500 is equipped with 160g massive hard disk and 1G memory, which is the prerequisite for its high-quality output and stable operation. This model has outstanding image recognition ability, built-in 136 kinds of adobe fonts, and equipped with ic-303fiery image printing controller, it can deal with all kinds of images with rich color levels. Especially because bizhub Pro c6500 adopts two powerful standard software, free form and color wise, this model can freely realize multi data printing and effectively control the consistency of colors, so as to truly realize the accurate expression of images

as the flagship product of the top color production printing system, the bizhub Pro c6500, in addition to its powerful function and high return on investment, the solid construction and material effectively ensure the high-precision output quality under the long-term environmental protection benefit of 10 points, significantly reducing the unnecessary maintenance expenditure for investors under high load. It is believed that with the rapid growth of domestic demand for on-demand printing, bizhub Pro c6500 will bring more generous returns to industry investors with its excellent stability and reliability

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