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Kongart fully supports smarc2.0 specification

Germany kongart technology, a leading manufacturer of embedded computer modules with leading technology, single board computers and EDMS customized services, announced that it will fully support the new smarc2.0 specification, which was organized and released by sget (standardization group for embedded technologies e.V.) in June. Smarc2.0 technology has greatly expanded kongart's leading and extensive product line in computer modules, and successfully complemented the needs between qsven and comexpress. Kongart will launch the first smarc2.0 module, carrier and Startup Kit (including software, driver and BIOS support) in the near future

kongart's support for this specification is not uncommon in the industry, because kongart plays an important role in the development of smarc2.0 specification organized by sget (standardization group for embedded technologies e.V.). This new specification is a milestone in embedded computer module technology, and is designed for small-scale systems for multimedia and IOT connectivity

Christian Eder, marketing director of kongart, is also a member of the board of sget (standardization group for embedded technologies e.V.) and smarc2.0 specification. This new specification is supplemented: version 2.0 improves the smarc specification to a very high quality level, and we strongly recommend it to our customers. The well-known problems of the previous version - such as the optional spare function interface - have been comprehensively improved, which makes it easier for customers to adopt smarc technology and ensure long-term availability. Smarc2.0 has all the specifications required for a successful new module standard and has achieved specific market share

as a member of the specification, kongart can specifically drive the advanced enhancements of this new specification. Jason Carlson, President of kongart, accepted the review organized by the laboratory qualification department. He added that as a leading manufacturer of computer modules in Europe, we use our knowledge and market experience to position smarc2.0 as a specification to support the market demand in the next few years. Smarc2.0 will complement the existing product lines (qseven and com express). Through the support of three specification platforms, we will provide a broader product line to meet the broader needs of customers

smarc2.0 provides many advanced serial IO and IOT, network and video ports, and is designed for a wide range of multimedia and graphics based IOT applications. Smarc is a perfect complementary solution between the robust, ultra-low power consumption qseven standard for embedded systems and the feature rich comexpress standard for high-performance embedded design (such as edge and fog servers)

smarc2.0 technical highlights

due to the great leap forward from smarc1.1 to 2.0, the positioning of smarc in the computer module (COM) market is more clear. Smarc2.0 focuses on multimedia, through the 314 pin of mxm3.0 connector, and supports most multimedia ports and four video outputs. The supported output interfaces include 2x 24 bit LVDS/EDP/Mipi DSI plus hdmi/dp++ and dp++. In addition, two Mipi camera interfaces and two audio interfaces are provided, which are connected with I2S through HDA. Smarc2.0 now provides up to six USB ports, including two USB3.0, a second Ethernet port for IOT vertical connection, a fourth PCI express channel and an ESPI. Outdated interfaces such as parallel ports for cameras and displays, backup function interfaces, EMMC, SPDIF, and an I2S channel have been removed

about kongart

kongart technology of Germany, an associate member of Intel intelligent systems alliance, headquartered in Deggendorf, Germany, is a leading supplier of standard embedded computer modules qsven, comexpress, XTX and ETX, and provides customized design services for single board computers and EDMS. Konka's special products can be widely used in industry and applications, such as industrial control, medical technology, automotive, aerospace electronics and transportation. The core and key technologies of the company include unique and rich BIOS functions, comprehensive driver and board software support suite. In the design process of their end products, users are supported by Konka's extended product life cycle management and special modern quality standards. Since its establishment in December, 2004, when opening the oil return valve to clear the counter, the speed must be 1 slow, kongart has become an expert and partner of the globally recognized and trusted embedded computer module solutions. At present, kongart checks whether the emergency stop switch is in the screwed up state in the United States, Taiwan, Japan, Australia and Czech Republic; Kehe has branches in China. Please visit our official website for more information

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