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At the press conference, Mr. Feng Peixi introduced the situation of all print exhibition

this morning, the "2006 China International all print exhibition press conference and new product promotion" was held in Yunshi hall, the fourth floor of Portman Hotel, Shanghai. Feng Peixi, CEO of Dusseldorf Exhibition (China) Co., Ltd., introduced the second China International all print exhibition to the participants. The following is the full text of the speech:

distinguished guests, friends in the world:

good morning, everyone

first of all, on behalf of Dusseldorf (China) Exhibition Co., Ltd., one of the organizers of the second China International all print exhibition, I would like to extend a warm welcome and heartfelt thanks to you for your presence and support

the concept of "full innovative value-added solutions" of all printing exhibition comes from our inspiration at the 8th world printing conference in South Africa in early 2005. The development trend of the global printing industry is to provide an innovative, all-round and whole process service and solution, which is also the new growth point and profit source of the printing industry. So we put forward the concept of "full innovative value-added solutions" at the second China International all printing exhibition

powerful exhibition organizer

China International all print exhibition is the most authoritative and top-level event in China's printing industry. This exhibition is jointly sponsored by China Association of printing technology, China Institute of Printing Science and technology and Duesseldorf Exhibition (China) Co., Ltd. and jointly organized by China Association of printing technology, keyin media (printing technology magazine) and Duesseldorf Exhibition (China) Co., Ltd. The strong host organization also received the full support of drupa, the world's largest printing Exhibition hosted by our parent company Dusseldorf exhibition agency in Germany, and incorporated all print exhibition into its global promotion, that is, where drupa can be seen, all print exhibition can be seen

Dusseldorf (China) Exhibition Co., Ltd. is one of the organizers. You can see that the national network has covered Hong Kong autonomous region, Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Chongqing, Shenyang and other major cities. Through MDC's complete service network, many services to enhance the value of exhibitors, all-round media operation and multi-channel information sources, Dusseldorf Exhibition (China) Co., Ltd. strives to provide a substantial and effective trade negotiation platform for domestic and foreign merchants

in addition, senior printers, Mr. Wu Wenxiang of the China Printing Technology Association, and the General Administration of publishing of China all gave great support to the exhibition. Keyin media, as one of the organizers, has also done a lot of work in media promotion. Of course, the success of our exhibition is also inseparable from the positive reports of every media here

introduction of China International all Print Exhibition 2006

China International all Print Exhibition 2006 will be grandly held in Shanghai New International Expo Center from June 14 to 17, 2006. Inheriting the success and brilliance of the first exhibition, we will build the 2006 exhibition of China International all printing exhibition with the purpose of "full innovative value-added printing solutions"

comparison of exhibitors' data

from the data comparison chart of the two sessions, we can see that 2006 all print exhibition will organize more domestic and foreign exhibitors to show their cutting-edge equipment in the world on a larger scale, and attract more professional visitors and powerful buyers to gather in Shanghai, writing a new chapter in the development of China's printing industry

printing giants make a high-profile appearance

world printing giants and well-known Chinese and foreign enterprises will make a high-profile appearance at the 2006 all Print Exhibition on a large scale. Well known brands such as Komori, Mitsubishi, Kodak, Fuji, Agfa, big Japan screen, Canon, konenka Minolta, Shanghai Electric, Beiren group, Lianqiang group, etc

National Exhibition Group

through many global promotion activities, this all print exhibition has attracted the participation of many overseas equipment suppliers. The active participation of the Italian National Exhibition Group, the German National Exhibition Group and the Korean National Exhibition Group also proves that all print exhibition will further promote the internationalization of China's printing industry

Taiwan Pavilion

it is particularly worth mentioning here that the development of cross-strait relations this year is another new high point. Organized by the Taiwan printing and machine materials industry association, with a net area of 3200 square meters, it has become the largest exhibition group in this all print exhibition. Wait a moment, President Lu of the Taiwan printing and machine materials industry association, who came to the press conference of the all print exhibition, will give you some specific introduction

audience promotion

the organizer of all print exhibition actively carries out promotion through various channels. The audience should pay special attention to inspecting the specific location of the fracture when the bolt breaks. At present, the number of visitors to the official website of all India Exhibition (L foam granulator) is soaring every day, and the pre registration of visitors is very active. Visitors from 47 countries and regions have participated in the pre registration, of which Indonesia, India, Hong Kong, the United States and the Philippines are the top five overseas visitors; Dengduo is the decision-making level of the enterprise, such as the CEO, production director, operation and marketing director or technical director of the enterprise. We expect the number of visitors to exceed 60000, "said wangwanjie, a leap forward from the nearly 40000 visitors to the first all India exhibition in 2003

overseas visiting groups

at present, there are more than 20 registered overseas visiting groups, which come from more than 20 countries and regions, such as Japan, South Korea, Australia, the Philippines, Indonesia, the United Kingdom, the Netherlands, Nigeria, South Africa and India. The association of India or relevant organizations will organize high-quality professional overseas visiting groups to gather at the 2006 all India exhibition

direct mail zone, CTP zone, flexographic printing zone, ink zone

the highlight of this exhibition is the new exhibition zone, including direct mail zone, CTP zone, flexographic printing zone, and ink consumables zone. In particular, the direct mail zone and forum of this all India exhibition have received the full support of China Direct Mail Association and China direct reply Marketing Association. At the same time, the professional committee of China Direct Mail Association will also be announced during the All India exhibition. They will help organize member units from advertising, finance, retail, postal and other industries to jointly study the all print exhibition and open a new page in the demand for direct mail printing

concurrent activities

during this all India exhibition, 10 top industry summit forums will be opened at the same time, covering all kinds of high-level meetings, seminars and technical exchanges in the whole process of prepress, India China and post press, providing an effective guarantee for the quality of professional audiences and buyers. This is another outstanding feature of this all print exhibition

all print exhibitors' product promotion

the exhibition depends on the content. Many well-known enterprises participated in large-scale exhibitions, and the proportion of exhibition machines and products can be said to be the first in the country

prepress equipment exhibition

many well-known prepress overseas enterprises will collectively appear in the all print exhibition, including the latest technologies and trend products such as digital printing, digital workflow, CTP equipment and plates. Next, let's take a look. They are:

Canon Canon (China) Co., Ltd.

agfagraphics of Shanghai aikefa photosensitive Equipment Co., Ltd.

wilt image technology (Shanghai) Co., Ltd.

this day, Fuji Xerox also specially came to our press conference site to introduce their new products

exhibition of printing machinery and equipment

among the printing machinery manufacturers, Komori and Mitsubishi will enter the international printing equipment museum with an area of 600 square meters and 500 square meters respectively. Shanghai Electric Group and beiren group have booked super large booths of 8000 square meters and 6000 square meters respectively, which will become the focus of this all print exhibition. So today, we are honored to invite Komori company to our press conference to introduce the latest products they will show

let's see what the exhibitors of printing machinery and equipment will bring to us: Baochi group, baschgroup, and omite

post press processing equipment display

post press processing equipment is also very popular

Postpress processing equipment supplier: boster Group Hong Kong Limited d

this time, the 2006 China International all print exhibition will display a large number of new and high-end products, which cannot be introduced today. If you want to know more, of course, you are required to pay attention to the All India exhibition. We look forward to meeting you at Shanghai New International Expo Center

thank you

source: Zhonghua printing and packaging

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