How to do a good job in vocational skill training

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How to do a good job of vocational skills training in the coating industry

how to do a good job of vocational skills training in the coating industry

June 27, 2006

-- Yang Huan, executive vice president of the China Coating Industry Association, answered questions

I have heard that the Ministry of labor and Social Security approved the establishment of a vocational skills appraisal station for specific types of work by the China Coating Industry Association at the end of last year. At present, Yang Huan, executive vice president of China Paint Industry Association, has been interviewed on relevant issues

Q: what is the current situation of the professional skill talent team in the coating industry

answer: there is a large gap of professional technology and skilled talents in the coating industry. At present, the three major coating research institutes and universities have also improved the safety of laboratory personnel. There are thousands of engineering and technical personnel in the research institutes or doctoral workstations of enterprises. The talent flow after the reform and opening up has led to a considerable number of professionals flowing to foreign-funded enterprises and advantageous private enterprises. Although the talent training system of multinational companies is relatively sound and has relative competitive advantages, the low quality and uneven distribution of talents in the industry as a whole have become a fact, which is a major bottleneck restricting the development of the industry and hindering the sustainable development of the coating industry

in April this year, the coating Association conducted a letter survey on the situation of skilled workers in some coating member enterprises. The results showed that most of the professional technicians in the enterprise have worked for more than 2 years to less than 6 years and more than 12 years, and nearly 1/2 of them have not been trained. They all take the first as their teacher, and the latter follow the master of the advanced factory, so the level of the master determines the level of the apprentice. These people are the most basic force of the factory and the most grass-roots executors of the decision-making of enterprise leaders. The strength or weakness of these forces directly affects the production and operation results of the enterprise, which is highlighted in five aspects: first, the total number of skilled workers is insufficient, and the staff structure is not reasonable; Second, the skill level of skilled workers is low, and the skill quality of the staff is not high; Third, the age of highly skilled talents is on the high side, and technicians and senior technicians are facing a shortage; Fourth, the proportion of skilled workers has increased year by year, and the loss of skilled workers in the original state-owned enterprises is more serious; Fifth, the cultural quality of the staff is not high, and the training of enterprise staff is weakened

from the perspective of the industry, the proportion of workers' technical level is 17.9% for junior workers, 18.4% for intermediate workers, 20.9% for senior workers, 4.7% for technicians, 1.2% for senior technicians and 63.1% for others

in the future, the total demand for skilled workers will further increase, the focus of skilled workers will show an overall upward trend, and the demand of enterprises for skilled workers will change from single skills to composite skills

the State Council has made strategic adjustments to China's human resources development policies, and implemented two certificate systems with equal emphasis on academic diplomas and vocational qualification certificates. This is an important part of China's labor and employment system, a special form of national examination system, and an internationally accepted certification system for technical and skilled talents (see the table below)

in the industry, some enterprise leaders have attached great importance to staff training, formulated planning goals, and established a mechanism to stimulate the rapid growth of highly skilled talents and incentive policies of "combining use with training and assessment" and "linking treatment with performance contribution". There has been a good situation that employees actively request to participate in training and appraisal, such as Shanghai paint Co., Ltd. and Shijiazhuang paint factory, The enterprise has trained skilled workers and technicians by itself. Through training, the post workers are relatively clear about the production process principles and main operation skills, which is conducive to being a good host, stabilizing product quality and reducing production costs. These enterprises took the first step, which is the conscious behavior of enterprises, and changed the situation that workers only treat themselves as pure labor, work to earn money and eat, and have no goals

ask: how to carry out professional skill appraisal for specific types of work

answer: in the future, after passing the training and evaluation of the professional skill appraisal station of the special type of work organized by the association, you can receive the nationally recognized professional skill certificate issued by the Ministry of labor and social security. This is an incentive for me, mobilizing the enthusiasm of these people, and will make greater contributions to the enterprise

in the future, the industrial skilled workers should develop towards the goal of taking senior workers as the backbone, intermediate workers as the main body, technicians and senior technicians as skill experts, and the structure of skilled talents will be significantly improved. Specifically, we should pay attention to the following work: first, establish a training base and implement the work of the appraisal station. In order to make the appraisal station give better play to the function of industry service, in line with the principle of facilitating enterprises and reducing enterprise training costs, the association has established a total of 14 training bases after the application of enterprises and the approval of the chemical industry vocational skills appraisal and guidance center. Its function is to represent the professional skill appraisal station of the unique types of work of China Coating Industry Association, and provide convenience for enterprises in the same industry (mainly local or surrounding enterprises). It is a base for local and nearby vocational skill training and appraisal (examination). Its appraisal level reaches the standards formulated by the state or VOC coating industry

second, establish a team of evaluators and quality supervisors to improve the level and quality of training and identification. After training and obtaining the appraiser certificate issued by the Ministry of labor and social security, the appraisers will be responsible for the theoretical examination invigilation, actual operation on-site invigilation, marking and operation scoring of professionals in the coating industry. On behalf of the Ministry of labor and social security, the quality supervisor will supervise the identification site and the whole process of identification, make various records, and be responsible to the Ministry of labor to ensure the authenticity of the identification

third, make preparations for the appraisal of various types of work and levels. The standard is divided into four types of work and five levels of standards. At present, the Ministry of labor has recognized two national standards, which have been published and distributed by the chemical industry press. The syllabus and test question bank embody the word "unique", which is different from the chemical vocational skill standard. It is combined with the coating major. It is an outline compiled according to the standard, which directly trains talents for the coating industry. Because this work was arranged early, and the national standard had not been approved at that time, the teaching materials were not classified into grades. When using the teaching materials, they were implemented according to the requirements of the syllabus. The teaching materials "paint analysis and inspection worker", "floor paint and coating worker" and "anti-corrosion paint and coating" have been published. "Paint synthetic resin workers", "paint color matching workers" and "architectural coatings and coating workers" can be published in July and August. Each training base has a group of engineering technicians and skilled personnel, who can serve as theoretical and practical teaching of different types of work. At the same time, the association has hired professional technicians as teachers of distance teaching

fourth, each training base should establish an executive organization, and a special person should be responsible for the implementation of the training plan of each type of work declared by each training base, and contact the association from the planned enrollment, organization of training to the identification of all links and the final certification

ask: what kind of teaching methods will be adopted to carry out the vocational skill appraisal of specific types of work

answer: we will adopt the method of decentralized distance teaching and practical training. The samples between the two fixtures will get varying degrees of output each year. The production will be 2million tons. The method of combining self arrangement, face-to-face tutoring before the exam and practical operation will be adopted. In order to facilitate enterprises and reduce the training cost as much as possible, remote teaching, that is, the way of encrypted authentication playing courseware, is adopted. It is not only a substitute for satellite playing, but also a supplement to satellite playing, that is, the captured lecture content is made into encrypted courseware, the encrypted courseware is made into optical disk, and copied to U disk, mobile hard disk or MP3, MP4 and other mobile carriers. Each training base can independently decide the playing time. When playing, the CD can be put into the ordinary computer CD-ROM drive for playing; U disk and mobile hard disk can copy the courseware to the computer for playback; H towel 3 and MP4 can be directly connected to computers and televisions with their connecting wires

the association employs senior experts in the industry to teach courses at different levels of four types of work according to standards and outline requirements, and then the training base organizes students to watch and complete learning (theory and skill operation learning). After learning all courses, the training base shall apply for appraisal 20 days in advance, and the appraisal station shall assign assessors and supervisors to complete the appraisal work

Q: what are the procedures for identification

answer: publish the type of work, grade, time, place, registration method and other information of the appraisal on the media such as China National Coatings and "China National Coatings information". All relevant training bases accept the registration and fill in the registration form for unified summary and preliminary review. After reviewing at the appraisal station of the association, those who meet the conditions will be notified to pay the appraisal fee. After training and learning, after passing the examination, they will be reported to the chemical industry guidance center for review, Issue professional qualification certificate and appraisal result notice according to regulations

ask: how to ensure the identification quality

answer: through training, the appraisal should meet the national or industrial standards. The vocational skill certificate is issued by the state. The vocational certificate recognized by the state is equivalent to the academic certificate, so the standards should be strictly implemented. There are examiners in the examination, and there are supervisors in the examination room to supervise the examination on behalf of the Ministry of labor and social security and make examination room records. The association is preparing to appraise and recruit students at the end of the third quarter

I believe that with the strong support of various training bases and the whole industry, the work of the appraisal station will achieve good results and make a positive contribution to improving the professional skill level of coating industry

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