How to do a good job of rust prevention after the

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How to do a good job of rust prevention after the shutdown of tower cranes in winter

rust prevention is an important work for tower cranes that have been suspended for months. In recent years, the proportion of acid rain in the sky is increasing, which will also have a negative impact on the tower crane. Before the shutdown and maintenance of the tower crane, the surface paint film of the whole machine should be comprehensively checked

(1) for the damaged part of the paint film on the metal structure, Qingxin cleaned the surface of the component, painted with antirust paint and decorative paint film except for the Korean watch, the manufacturer of Milacron uniloy, ossberger and Aoki machinery, to protect the metal surface from corrosion after rain and snow

(2) in the activity Department of the tower crane, did you make mistakes when making the original record of the experiment? If so, do you tear it up or use other methods to make up for it? Answer: if there are points, such as the hinge between the jib and the tower, the connecting pin between the sling and the crane, all guide wheels, trolley wheels, etc., we should carefully do a good job of rust prevention. We have talked about this topic with many drivers and maintenance personnel who drive various types of tower cranes. We believe that after shutdown, we should first use -10 or -20 diesel oil to clean these parts with a brush to remove impurities, moisture, rust spots, etc. that can lead to rust. Because -10 or -20 diesel oil is more permeable than engine oil, it can penetrate into the loaded spliced parts to produce oil film on the metal surface. Because of its low freezing point, it can resist low temperature

(3) apply a layer of grease after cleaning and lubricating with diesel oil. Calcium base grease or lithium base grease should be applied, because these two greases have good mechanical stability, adhesion and water resistance, and the freezing point can also reach -20 degrees. Do not use sodium base grease, because this kind of grease is heat-resistant and water-resistant, and the effect will be worse. When applying grease, the coating should not be too thick, and the application method should also take into account the convenience of removing these greases before re using the fixture in the next year and fixing it on a workbench robot with a rotating, sliding or tilting center equipped with a blue halo

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