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How can flexible packaging enterprises do a good job in ISO9000 quality certification?

since its inception, ISO9000 family standards have been adopted by more than 100 countries, which have been widely recognized by buyers and suppliers in various countries, and will meet the requirements of ISO9. It is expected to start plant construction before the end of the year, and its small proportion will be the cornerstone of building mutual trust in international business activities. At the same time, enterprises that have passed the standard certification have improved customers' trust in the organization. And then obtain economic benefits by improving the quality of products. How can flexible packaging enterprises apply for ISO9000 quality certification? The internal preparation of the enterprise should be done well, and an application should be submitted to the workstation of the Chinese packaging product quality certification province (the city that regularly checks and revises the hydraulic experimental machine), and the relevant work procedures can be carried out after paying the application fee. 1. Participating in the ISO9000 internal auditor training course held by the certification body is the preliminary work for enterprises to apply for product quality certification. To train internal auditors, we can organize full-time training based on the original product quality inspection personnel team according to the enterprise's own conditions, monitor the product quality of the enterprise according to the internal audit procedures, and establish the quality. When purchasing, we can clarify the objectives in advance. 2. The enterprise applying for certification shall prepare its personnel and participate in the consulting activities organized by the personnel dispatched by the certification consulting agency. With the help of the certification body; The applicant enterprises shall establish quality manuals and quality management procedural documents in accordance with ISO9000 standards. This is a basic work to ensure product quality in terms of management, and it is also the preliminary work of whether the enterprise can pass the certification. 3. Through the establishment of quality manual and quality procedural documents; At the same time, a monitoring team is formed to train quality auditors, so as to lay a foundation for enterprises to strictly implement ISO9000 standards. China packaging product quality certification center is the main body applying for ISO9000 certification in the packaging industry, and provincial workstations directly face enterprises. Flexible packaging enterprises that have not applied for the ISO9000 standard should actively make internal preparations and strive to pass the ISO9000 quality certification as soon as possible. (China Packaging News)

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