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How to do a good job in technical work in safety production in construction enterprises, how to choose environmental simulation test equipment project management is mainly manifested in the management of quality, safety, progress and cost. The storage and processing of engineering data is based on MS-Access database project. The construction party and the supervisor are concerned about quality and progress, while the construction party is more concerned about safety and cost. These aspects cannot be separated mechanically, and they are closely related. In other words, the technical, continuous and systematic characteristics of safety management should always be reflected in the whole process of the project

safety management in project management

a project, usually the project manager is the leader of the safety production team, and the deputy project manager is the deputy leader of the safety production team. The specific work is completed by the safety officer. The number of safety officers varies according to the size of the project, while the role of the technical manager (or technical director) in safety production is in a weakened position. In fact, engineering and technical personnel have done a lot of work for safety production since the establishment of the project, and have also taken a great responsibility for safety production. For example, the scheme selection of safety technical measures in the bidding scheme, the self review and joint review of drawings, the inspection of main raw materials, the annual inspection (review) of measuring (measuring) instruments and meters, the approval of the start (stop) work report, and the preparation of the construction scheme (operation instructions) (especially the safety technical measures, such as the design of temporary power consumption scheme at the construction site, the design of formwork support system, equipment hoisting scheme, deep foundation pit wall support, etc.), The preparation and implementation of network schedule, all kinds of safety technical disclosure, project quality acceptance, etc., each of which is closely related to safety management

from the perspective of the existing management system of construction enterprises, especially large engineering projects, it is impossible for full-time safety management personnel to fully intervene and supervise the construction of each discipline and each construction process on the site. Generally, the method of subcontracting at all levels is adopted, which undoubtedly involves another management problem; From the perspective of business scope, technology management and safety management are fully integrated in business. Therefore, engineering and technical personnel have an unshirkable responsibility for safety production

for example, a few years ago, a high-rise building in the South had a serious overall collapse accident, tens of millions of mechanical equipment were buried in the deep pit, and the surrounding buildings sank due to the incomplete technical work of the foundation pit design and construction party, the lack of strict examination of the foundation pit technical scheme, and incomplete safety measures. For the excavation and support of deep foundation pit, professional technicians must carry out the design and calculation of side wall support, and observe the settlement displacement throughout the construction process. However, in the construction site, many times, in order to save trouble, technicians do not really carry out detailed calculation or checking calculation according to the actual situation, but rely on experience to guide the construction. Some project construction schemes are purely coping data, which can not guide the construction at all, It is not used to guide the construction at all, resulting in accidents

how to do a good job in technical work in safety production

the connection between technical work and safety production is inextricably linked, and how to truly deal with the relationship between technical work and safety production in the process of project management and production is an important topic for construction enterprise managers. To do a good job in the technical work in safety production, we can start from the following aspects:

1. Prepare the construction plan and construction technical scheme that can really guide the construction.

the project engineering and technical personnel should formulate the most economical The safest construction technical scheme, and prepare the construction organization design (operation instruction) and reasonable schedule for guiding the construction. Before the construction, the use of stepper machines and electrical equipment is still less. Detailed safety and technical disclosure should be carried out, and three-level education should be carried out for workers. During the construction, we should often go deep into the site, understand and master the problems existing in the on-site construction, constantly improve the construction scheme and construction technology, and improve the safety of construction. For special construction parts, such as outer frame erection scheme, formwork support and reinforcement, hoisting construction, deep foundation pit support and the use of new construction methods, professional technicians must calculate, analyze and demonstrate, formulate a detailed and feasible implementation plan, and strengthen inspection and acceptance to ensure that it is technically feasible and safe

2. Correctly use the construction scheme and construction safety technical measures to guide the construction

as the engineering and technical personnel of the construction enterprise, they should often go deep into the construction site for guidance, and timely improve and adjust the relevant safety technical measures in combination with the actual situation on the site. During the quality acceptance of each process, the safety production and project quality must be guaranteed first. Many technicians tend to pay more attention to the inspection of relevant technical quality indicators during inspection and acceptance. In fact, as technicians of the construction unit, they need to pay more attention to the safety requirements such as firmness and stability in the acceptance standard. During the process handover, the work responsibilities of each process should be clarified, and the counterpart handover should be carried out on the basis of inspection and confirmation. The safety construction handover can also be considered to be added to the intermediate handover form, and the safety management personnel should be invited to participate in the process handover if necessary. It is necessary to make sure that the upper part is not clear and the lower part is not connected. A study in the United States has found a valuable rule of ten times: if the treatment cost of product quality defects in the previous process is 1, then the treatment cost of corresponding defects will be 10 when the next process is completed, and so on. When the next process is completed, the treatment cost will reach 100, and thus the zero defect product movement arises. If we strictly implement the safety of each process, the accidents will be greatly reduced

in the process of project management, engineering and technical personnel, as an important link to directly organize production and inspect production quality, are always accompanied by safety production, organically combine safety production work with engineering and technical work, combine the actual situation on site, guide production with scientific methods, control quality and safety with technical measures, and eliminate illegal commands and illegal operations, Create better social and economic benefits for enterprises

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