How to do foreign trade of the hottest powder coat

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How to do foreign trade in powder coatings

how to do foreign trade in powder coatings

March 10, 2020

I believe that many powder coating enterprises also want to explore overseas markets while developing the domestic market, so how to carry out it correctly? Here are a few suggestions:

at the same time, it also realizes the * maximization of the space in the car.

finding customers is a prerequisite

isn't it for you to find customers to make business? First of all, you can find potential customers through various business stations, or participate in exhibitions of related industries combining domestic and export sales. In addition, in today's world, the liquidity of information is becoming stronger and stronger, and the prices around the world should be very open. Therefore, you should accurately calculate your quotation. Don't think about making a lot of money for the first time. If necessary, losing a sum may also be the best policy. You should take a long view, and the big head is behind

of course, it is a long and arduous process to develop both domestic and foreign customers. We must persist, persist, and persist

II. Skills for developing new customers

how to develop when you have a wealth of customer information that is used to detect different materials

1. Your product features and advantages are the biggest highlight for you to attract new customers

there are several situations in which new customers are willing to contact you: first, your product is newly developed, and customers need to add such new products, which are very attractive to customers; Second, the customer is not satisfied with the original supplier, and you happen to have similar products available; Third, customers' demand for products has increased, and the original suppliers cannot meet customers' demand for quantity. Customers themselves need to seek new suppliers; Fourth, your products happen to be imported by customers, and your quality is the same or better, with obvious competitive advantages in price

2. The mentality of contacting customers determines whether new customers are willing to have in-depth contact with you

never give new customers the feeling of being eager for success. Don't let customers feel that your enterprise must have new orders immediately to survive

business is also a kind of marriage. Only when both parties feel appropriate can there be a business that really saves customers money. We must give new customers a feeling that we have a stable sales channel, but our enterprise is enterprising, according to statistics and development, and contacting you gives us a new opportunity at the same time

3. In terms of contact methods, if you have good English conditions, we suggest that the first contact should be combined with truth telling

through, try to find the purchasing manager or specific personnel of the company's department that is specific to your products. Knowing his name and his fax is the first step. If the fax you send has the recipient who is specifically responsible for this kind of products, a brief introduction of your products and your product address, and the purchaser is also interested in your products, he will reply to you. In the future contact, you can conduct e-mail exchanges with specific personnel

do not use mass email or fax to contact customers. The result of mass email may be no reply. At present, foreign countries have been quite disgusted with spam and even junk fax, which is also an important reason why most importers, especially purchasing managers, are unwilling to disclose their email addresses

4. Establishing an English station dedicated to displaying products is very important for contacting and developing new customers. It can not only give new customers a detailed product introduction, but also avoid the high cost of premature product delivery

the more professional, detailed and specific the product content in the station, the better. It is even better to introduce the packaging, packing size, gross weight and net weight of the products so that customers can see it at a glance

5. For new customers who don't place orders at the moment, don't rush, let alone give up easily. You can pass some pictures of new products to customers after a certain period of time. As long as you do better than others, the customer finally belongs to you

III. there are three key steps to refer to:

1 Know who your customers are (the main buyers in the industry) and which regions are the main markets

2. Seriously study what you are good at? What unique benefits can you provide to customers, that is, what can you distinguish yourself from your competitors

3. Try every means to contact the target customers in the potential market and show them the unique selling points you can provide. Since you are just getting ready to start, I suggest you focus on the first step first

- participate in the exhibition (know who is the main competitor and who is the main buyer at the exhibition)

read trade magazines and participate in some influential industry seminars

- talk with marketing service providers, such as trade magazine publishers, search engine operators, etc

through these attempts, you may find out how the distribution channels of some important customers, markets with great potential and key markets operate. If you don't have time or don't know how to do these surveys, I suggest you contact some university business schools to see if you can find some master's students and hire them to conduct an hour of preliminary survey first. According to these findings, combined with the information you know (such as the information you get from the exhibition), you can continue

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