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How to do a good job of equipment safety spot check? "Five steps" is easy

the so-called spot inspection is a management method that arranges special personnel to check the parts of the equipment according to a certain period and standard by using people's five senses and simple instrument tools to determine whether it is normal, find hidden dangers, and master the initial information of the fault, so as to take countermeasures in time and eliminate the fault in the bud

how to carry out equipment spot check? Now let's introduce the "five senses spot check method"

whether the pipeline is damaged

whether the oil level and temperature are normal

whether the bolts are loose

so as to provide an overall lower printing total cost. Whether the reducer leaks oil

according to relevant statistics, 60% of human actions begin with "visual" perception. Visual inspection has a wide range of applications, and various inspections can start with visual method

for example, the looseness of the bearing seat can be found from the cracking of the coating of the bearing seat and the dislocation of the joint marks of the upper and lower pads of the bearing

observe the changes of oil level and oil color to know whether the lubrication system operates normally

internal defects of electrical components can be observed from scorching, discoloration, falling off, foreign matters, dust, cracking, etc

when inspecting with visual method, we must make careful observation. For example, when inspecting the reducer, the speech of Bima flexible packaging (Suzhou) Co., Ltd. touched on the latest sterile packaging technology and solutions for medical devices, but we should look at the surface, and further open the box to observe from all angles

when checking the motor, you should not only look at the motor shell, but also open the end cover to further observe the rectification condition and spark level

ear listening

people are quite sensitive to the stimulation of sound waves. The method of listening mainly distinguishes the difference between abnormal sound and normal sound

the impact of machinery, the damage of bearings, the occurrence of eccentricity and the violent acceleration and deceleration of high-speed rotating machinery, a series of vibration sources can cause all kinds of parts to loosen, and produce all kinds of abnormal impact sound or irregular noise

after hearing the abnormal sound, strengthen the connection with other senses, or use the inspection means such as a sound stick to determine the abnormal part

whether the track chain runs abnormally

whether the bearings and bearing pedestals run abnormally

whether the motor has abnormal vibration and whether the surface temperature rises

whether the surface temperature of cables and wires rises abnormally

touch is closely related to vision and hearing. Touch is mainly used to check temperature, vibration and pollution

too high temperature not only accelerates insulation deterioration, but also shortens insulation life. It is also easy to cause accidents such as electric shock and burning loss, and plays a particularly obvious role in the decline of mechanical performance

nose smell

smell, such as

motor "we focus on whether the plastic has peculiar smell, burnt smell

whether the belt has peculiar smell, burnt smell

smell plays an important role in the" five senses spot inspection "method. The strange smell from the nose indicates that the equipment must be abnormal

the nose sniffing method is mainly used to check the abnormal smell caused by burning. For example, normal equipment has no strange smell, so it is easy to detect the strange smell. Either the motor coil has an inter turn short circuit, or the insulation is aged and burned, or abnormal friction, etc

since these conditions are very likely to cause fire, it is necessary to quickly find out the abnormal points and shut down the machine if necessary

lead to the disproportional taste of the bridge

taste is also an integral part of the "five senses", but it is rarely used, and is generally only used in the sanitary food industry

what is the inspection standard of "five sense spot check"

among the spot inspection standards, most of the standards that adopt the "five senses spot inspection" are qualitative standards, and the inspection results are often "Yes (good) or no", "yes or no", etc

for example, the bolts should not be loose; The bearing shall have no abnormal vibration; Ventilation should be good; The body should be free of abnormal sound and odor; The oil level should be within the specified range, etc., which is the normal state of equipment operation

when the "five senses" method is used to spot check and find that the equipment is abnormal, because the "five senses" cannot obtain quantitative data such as the level of abnormal sound and the strength of vibration, if it is necessary to further accurately grasp the deterioration degree and trend of the equipment, instruments and meters must be used for quantitative detection and data analysis

"five senses check" skill example

1 Spot inspection method for bolt looseness:

visual method:

after installation and maintenance, the main bolts use paint or marking pen to draw a line between the bolt and nut (screw head and base), and then observe the changes of their positions according to the marks, so as to judge the looseness

tapping method:

use a spot inspection hammer with roughly the same quality as the nut, hold the handle end and knock the transverse surface of the nut or the head of the bolt. If it is tightened, it makes a crisp "Dangdang" sound, and the hands are also vibrated. If it is loose, it makes a muddy sound, and the hand cannot feel the vibration

when low-frequency vibration occurs to the equipment, do not forget to tighten the bolts first: when detecting the vibration of the equipment, when the acceleration does not change but the speed value increases, if the equipment cannot be stopped immediately, check and tighten the bolts first, and then make further observation and diagnosis

2. A simple method to check the temperature

hand touch inspection method: touch or close to the heating body, and roughly judge the temperature of the object for the time that the hand can endure the heat feeling

detection by pasting temperature indicating film (tape) or coating temperature indicating paint: according to the discoloration of temperature indicating substances, it is very convenient to judge whether the equipment has abnormal overheating or failure

use fixed or simple thermometer and infrared temperature testing instrument to detect the temperature

3. Example of visual spot inspection of reducer

daily use of the method of five senses, careful inspection, through the discovery and judgment of abnormal phenomena, can timely avoid failures

generally, the parts of the reducer for visual point inspection are:

whether the box temperature, oil color, oil level and filter are normal, and whether the cooling pipe is complete (without cracking and damage)

whether there is oil leakage in the gap and oil seal

whether the tooth surface of the gear is worn, damaged and pitted

whether the bolts are rusted and loose

whether the bearing is damaged or abnormally worn

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