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How to do Internet traffic

to do traffic and users is not once and for all. It must be a motorized, durable and long-term operation

why do we need to do traffic

first of all, making traffic is essentially making users and products. This is not something that can be solved automatically by hiring a few children, spending money on advertising, or hiring a few business operations. In essence, the CEO and product manager need to think about it by themselves, and there are many misunderstandings in it

one mistake is to simplify the offset index. In those days, Internet companies, whether video stations or financial stations, often put some hot titles such as breast enhancement and naked women in the League to guide traffic to their own stations. They have invested a lot to improve their recent operating indicators. But will this really bring about substantial results? The reason sounds very simple. It's easy to forget when it comes to implementation. In fact, the promotion of Internet, including the promotion of group buying stations some time ago, 80% or even 90% of the money spent is meaningless

another mistake is to ignore products. Product, user acquisition and operation are actually Trinity. Many founders from product backgrounds believe that as long as the product itself is done well, the next promotion is very simple. Traffic is actually how products reach users, which is as important as the product itself, and it is also a product problem. For example, Zynga's early games themselves are no different from those before, but it is the first group to make good use of Facebook to transfer games from core players to blue ocean users The new user arrival method itself can become a great innovation

the second basic question is when to start spending money to get users. Most of the ways to do traffic don't cost money. Getting users by relying on the performance and operation of your products is originally a legitimate way to get users, but why do you spend money to be users? There may be two answers: first, accelerate growth. 2、 Seed users are required

these two are very reasonable answers. There are two situations in the actual operation process. One is that when you get users who can earn more than you pay, you can spend unlimited money to get users, which is beyond doubt. Many tours are like this

but if you lose money to get users, your goal should be to reach a point of self growth. According to the habit of interconnection, when a brand or user group reaches a certain density, then it can achieve a certain self growth. If the real users and active users reach the level of one million, or the public praise reaches a certain level, plus the real reputation, the real search index can exceed 10000, and the product itself is good, you can get self growth. The purpose of user growth is to achieve this self growth point as soon as possible

if so, the purpose is very clear. You need to figure out what that point is? What are the real indicators needed to reach that point? If all the promotion you do is helpful to achieve that point, it is effective; If it doesn't help you reach that point, for example, a financial portal found some pictures of naked women on the Internet to attract clicks. Although the target is reached, it doesn't help you accumulate real indicators to reach that point, which is completely in vain

after sorting out the three "relative truths" of traffic.

the most basic ideas, here are some relative truths I have summarized over the years

let's talk about communication first. The first absolute truth of one-time communication is that the total traffic you can obtain in any particular method and channel is limited, and the more you want to obtain, the more expensive its unit price and the higher its cost

whether it's portals, search engines or others, there are so many total users who meet your goals. Take search engine as an example. There are the most suitable and cheapest keywords. For example, if you invest in a keyword, the search traffic will be 5000 a day. These are the cheapest. But if you want to get 10000 traffic a day, then the second 5000 traffic will go to the keywords with lower coincidence with you, but the matching proportion with your users is lower, and the auction price may be higher and the effect worse. In short, if you want to get another 5000 traffic, it's even worse

this leads to two phenomena. A. you must have a very clear understanding of obtaining traffic; B. Your access to traffic must be diversified

the second relative truth is that there are general and special differences between all traffic. You can get the required traffic from various user portals, which can be free or charged, but you have to pay a price. Among the costs of these resource exchanges, the traffic that only you can use, but others are inconvenient to use or useless to others, is the cheaper traffic. Those that are useful to everyone and can guide users to themselves are very expensive traffic

for example, whoever puts it on the homepage of hao123 may use it from different angles. Such a position is very expensive. But the early novel station is very worthless. Five thousand yuan can guarantee the key position of the novel station with ten million levels of traffic every month. Because in that era, no matter what advertisements or promotions were put on that traffic, it was useless. But that traffic was later very useful in promoting page games

the third relative truth is that any traffic practice is not long-term effective. There are short window periods and recession periods, and the people who first discover the best mining method of a certain traffic benefit the most. This method will soon reach a high price, and then gradually into the recession

for example, when I was at Google in the early years, it was very cheap to get bar traffic in 2006. First, no one gets it. Second, no one knows how to load the traffic back from the bar. Many people not only don't know the price, but also don't know the method. Including in 2003, the first wave of webmasters who knew how to do search engine optimization had a great advantage

however, the user portal is constantly changing, and the rules and methods of the user portal itself are also constantly changing. Therefore, traffic and users are not done once and for all. It must be a motorized, durable and long-term operation

every month, some methods will change from very cost-effective to general, and some will even be replaced, and then some new channels and methods will sprout. For example, Tencent has opened its interface, and apple has released ios6. Any change should be thought about what it has to do with me

specific details and practices

1. Who are the effective users

what is the first thing to consider when making traffic? User group. At this stage, who you want to use your product is often a thing that many people don't think clearly before doing traffic. There are three important reasons for this problem:

1) first, it is related to your product stage. Pinterest was relatively stable in the early stage of development, so it did not develop the so-called silk users in China in the early stage of user development; Later, middle-aged women in the United States, the main user group, did not develop. The first user he focuses on is photographers. Because it is to share beautiful photos with you. If you want to attract real main users, you must first have very good content. If a pair of billets are bad and start to enter a large number of middle-aged women, without a good photographer as the core, the purpose of the product will be destroyed. At each stage of traffic promotion, there must first be a product purpose and user purpose

2) users need density to reach the tipping point and self growth point. If you spend money to buy 1000 users, assuming that 100 user groups are different circles, then each user group has only 10. This is not a tipping point or self growth point in any user group. If these 1000 people are in the same user group, such as a certain circle or a school organization, at least this promotion can achieve self growth in this circle. After a period of time, 1000 people will lose to 800, but after forming a core, these 800 people will become 1000 or even 1200 over time. Otherwise, after the promotion expenses of these 1000 people are spent, nothing can be retained in a few days because the crowd density is too small. The same amount of 1000 will make a big difference

3) another important reason is the choice of media. The properties and prices of each media vary greatly. According to what criteria do you choose media? Is it based on the unit price of the media? Or by total media traffic? There is nothing like this. These things are not important. The most important thing is the so-called effective traffic, or effective cost performance, including effective user behavior

4) what do you want users to do?

you need to figure out who your users are and what you want users to do? For example, you are a high-end luxury consumption station. You put advertisements on the post bar and hao123, which does not mean that there are no users, but that you spend money to buy 10000 traffic. Maybe only 10 people are related to you, and only one of these 10 people may think about things related to you when you go to this station. Because those 9 people, even if they are related groups, may not think about what you promote at all because of what they do on this station

2. Requirements for products

if products are to be promoted, what are the first things to ensure? Product and quality are very correct answers. Once you are ready to promote or understand these things, the first advantage of the small panel control system is the control of the experimental machine. The question is whether the product is good enough to be promoted to the target of these people you set. There are several steps to do

1) the product itself is worth promoting to these users. You have done tests in existing users to ensure that the performance parameters of those target users you want to promote are good enough in all aspects of your product

2) your product must be promotable. Promotion means that you spend money to buy a location in others, or buy the opportunity for users to arrive. Users will only give you 10 seconds, and whether your product has been made clear, concise and clear, which can make users interested in exploring your product within 10 seconds, and are willing to use your product again within the next 3 minutes. And you should have a way to continue to contact this user within a week and find a way to make the user return. This is a basic concept, that is, ten seconds, three minutes and a week

3) you need to have some basic tracking code. Whether it's software or station, you can accurately locate users from different channels, and know what the differences between users from different channels are, what the effect differences are, and where they are different from other users. If you don't have this awareness, doing promotion is a waste of money

3. Product promotion steps

the promotion of a product should be divided into many steps, from the first use of the user to the real maintenance and fixation of the user, which together is a complete chain

let's talk about the front end first. The first thing is the choice of media. These practices are very many, and specific to each media, each method, these front-end operations are different. such as

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