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Discussion on the development direction of the metal stamping and sheet metal industry

in order to better understand the current international advanced production technology and management level of the metal stamping and sheet metal industry, and to explore the development direction of China's metal stamping and sheet metal industry, at the invitation of the American metal precision forming Association (PMA), Qi JUNHE, Deputy Secretary General of the China Forging and stamping Association, led from March 20 to 31, 2005, A delegation of 8 people composed of general managers and factory directors of some domestic enterprises went to the United States to visit the Metalform 05 exhibition held in Rosemont, Illinois, and visited the professional metal stamping manufacturing enterprises in the United States after the meeting

the exhibition is hosted by the American metal precision forming Association. It is held once a year and this year is the 20th. The exhibition area is more than 20000 square meters. The exhibition fields are metal stamping, sheet metal, spinning, rolling forming technology, equipment, tooling and dies, raw materials and other related production and application fields. More than 300 enterprises from all over the world have exhibited their products and technologies here. Compared with euroblade in Germany, although the scale of the exhibition is not very large, the technology and equipment displayed are also impressive, which comprehensively reflects the advanced and developed level of the metal stamping and sheet metal industry in the United States. At the same time, it also reflects the outstanding characteristics of the metal stamping and sheet metal industry in the United States and the development of road automation auxiliary equipment and robot production applications in recent years. From the perspective of equipment exhibitors, there are few exhibitors in the United States, only Minster and others, mainly Japan, Germany and Taiwan, China. It is worth mentioning that although there are no manufacturers in the mainland to participate in the exhibition, several partners of Jinan No.2 Machine Tool Co., Ltd. have played the flag of ji'2 Machine Tool Co., Ltd., which has become a highlight of the exhibition

while holding the exhibition, the American metal precision forming association also held technical exchange meetings and lectures. Its main topics revolve around the current hot research fields in the metal stamping and sheet metal industry. There are large and small topics. 50 plastics can be classified into engineering plastics, general plastics and special plastics according to their uses. Its main contents are: electronic sensors built in molds, processing of high-strength steel grades, automatic production technology of presses High speed stamping technology, accurate measurement technology, rapid die replacement technology, lubrication, etc

the American metal precision forming association has 1200 member units, distributed in more than 30 countries and regions, mainly metal parts manufacturers, equipment manufacturers, stamping die manufacturers, raw material manufacturers and other related manufacturers. The annual output value of member units is more than 20million US dollars. This trip to the United States is the first formal meeting between the China Forging Association and the American metal precision forming Association. The American Association specially arranged a welcome reception for us. At the reception, the two sides exchanged information on the association, member units and domestic market conditions, and reached a consensus on the long-term cooperation between the two sides. At the same time, the American Association hopes that the China Forging and stamping association can organize a group to participate in the 15th International sheet metal forming conference held in Tokyo and Nagoya, Japan, in October

in order to enable us to better understand the production and management level of American metal parts manufacturing enterprises, PMA specially arranged for us to visit the Chicago factory of two local production enterprises: Olson company and Parkview company, both of which are their main member units

olson company is a metal parts manufacturer with a long history. It was established in 1937. At present, it has branches in other states of the United States and Mexico. Its products are mainly stamping parts on automobiles, electrical appliances, communication facilities, fitness equipment, electronic components. It is a parts supplier of Delphi, Motorola, Siemens, doctor and other companies, with an annual output value of US $60million and 480 employees. The company passed the QS9000 ISO9002 quality system certification in 1997, and all equipment passed the iso/ts 16949 certification in 2004. Its production process has basically realized automation. Each press is equipped with an automatic coil feeding system. Sensors are installed on the mold and the press station to monitor the processing of parts in each station in real time. The final finished products also pass the computer-controlled quality inspection. Users can modify the analysis method, and finally the samples are tested by workers. At present, the company is establishing an information sharing platform among its branches, which can share measurement data among branches

Parkview company was founded in 1950. Like Olson company, its products are also stamping parts and sheet metal on automobiles and electrical appliances. 1. The purpose of the experiment: the determination of yield strength, tensile strength, elastic modulus and elongation of metal anchor rod and anchor cable tensile experiment At present, it has branches in New Mexico, Illinois and Mexico. The company passed the QS9000 ISO9002 quality system certification in 1997, and its production has basically realized automation

the most impressive thing about this trip to the United States is the degree of stamping automation of American enterprises. In the previous external exchanges of the association, we often heard that the stamping automation technology in the United States has been quite mature, and this statement has been confirmed by the witness of this exhibition and enterprise visit:

1. The application of sensors in molds makes the stamping automation production more safe and reliable, which is convenient for the operation and maintenance of the whole production line. Both companies have their tooling and mold maintenance workshops, and various sensors are installed or embedded on the mold, such as the sensor to detect whether the punch passes through the slab and the sensor to detect whether the slab reaches the station. The application of these sensors greatly improves the safety and reliability of the whole production line

2. High safety awareness. Safety gratings are installed on the presses of the two companies. When the workers are too close to the press, the pressure machine will stop automatically, so as to ensure the safety of workers

3. Improve the management level of enterprises through various standard certifications. Both companies have passed the QS9000 ISO9002 system certification

4. The application of management information system improves the management level and production efficiency of the company. Both companies have their own management information system MRP II. The materials supplied by raw material suppliers are equipped with bar codes. When entering the warehouse, various information of raw materials will automatically enter the production database through scanning. With the raw materials entering the processing process, the computer host of each processing link will automatically enter the processing information into the database, and these information will always be attached to the final product

5. Although the scale of the two enterprises is relatively large, there are not many product lines. Both companies have fixed purchasers, such as Delphi and Ford. Their common feature is that they produce large quantities of products

the above points are worthy of reference and learning by China's metal parts manufacturing enterprises. At present, the scale of professional metal parts production enterprises in China is very small, and the level of specialization is still relatively low. The level of automatic production and digital control is quite different from that of foreign advanced production enterprises. Many enterprises still load and unload materials manually, the production process lacks closed-loop control, the production efficiency is low, and the quality is unstable. With the continuous improvement of the quality of automobiles, electrical appliances and other products and the continuous expansion of the production scale, the importance of automation in the production of stamping and sheet metal parts will become increasingly prominent. In other words, it is imperative for China's metal stamping and sheet metal industry to realize automatic production and management in the future. I hope relevant enterprises can do a good job in the existing production work, While doing a good job in the original accumulation of technology and funds, we should also actively participate in various industry activities, understand the world's advanced technology level, grasp the development direction of the industry, and determine the future of the enterprise, so as to seize the opportunity and make the enterprise invincible forever

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