Discussion on the development of China's lock Mark

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Discussion on the development of China's lock Market in 2013

in terms of lock products themselves, most of China's lock market are mechanical mortise locks and spherical locks. The production technology of these two kinds of locks is simple. As long as the real materials are used and all production links are strictly controlled, generally there will be no quality problems. However, these two locks are not high-tech products, with low technical content and great difficulty in upgrading. Therefore, after nearly two decades of development, the domestic lock industry still has not made breakthrough progress, and the product function has always been positioned on the practical, security and anti-theft function. The best enterprise can do is to control the quality of products and innovate the appearance and style so that we can choose the right products according to your actual situation. It is no exaggeration to say that the low technical content has caused the congenital deficiencies of plug-in locks and spherical locks, and has become a short board for the development of the lock industry

however, the advent of electronic fingerprint locks has made a certain improvement in the hardware lock industry, which is still in the deep development stage of industrialization, informatization, urbanization, marketization and internationalization in China. With the development of intelligent security technology and the wide application of chips, various methods of electronic fingerprint lock have their own characteristics and developed rapidly. At present, some big brands such as huitailong, Bailemen, Mingmen, Sakura and other enterprises have developed intelligent electronic fingerprint locks. Puxin hardware is also actively developing digital intelligent lock products, invested a lot of money and manpower, and set up a special production workshop for this purpose. Mr. Miao said that the intelligent electronic fingerprint lock may become the last "blue ocean" in the lock industry. The market space is still large, and the profit is relatively high. Moreover, the profit brought by the service located behind the passenger's vision center is also large, which is worth paying for by the lock enterprise

in order to survive, an enterprise must walk on two legs in terms of products. One is to have high value-added products, which can bring more profits to the enterprise; The second is to have high-volume products, which only need to earn a small amount of profits, in order to attract the attention of consumers and improve the influence of brands and enterprises. Both are indispensable. For lock enterprises, spherical locks can be used for measuring, while plug-in locks and electronic locks can obtain more profits

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