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Discussion on the development mode of China's pharmaceutical packaging material industry (Part 2)

III. discussion on the development mode of China's pharmaceutical packaging material industry

L. taking large pharmaceutical packaging material enterprises as the core demonstration, radiate to the whole industry

for example, CICC pharmaceutical packaging is the first to produce and promote pharmaceutical PTP aluminum foil As one of the enterprises of SIP composite film, it is also the largest professional manufacturer of pharmaceutical packaging materials in China. It now has fixed assets of nearly 400million yuan and has four factories that meet GMP standards. Sichuan CICC is Lianyungang CICC pharmaceutical packaging company, which began construction in June 2002. It covers an area of 54 mu, with a total investment of more than 80 million yuan. It is planned to invest in two times. The initial investment is 46million yuan, and the main equipment is imported from abroad. The designed annual production capacity is 500 tons of PTP (blister packaging) aluminum foil and 1500 tons of SP composite film. This mode of cooperation and mutual benefit between the East and the west is worth promoting in China's pharmaceutical packaging industry

for another example, Nanfang Packaging Co., Ltd. is about to put into operation a German PET film production line in recent years to solve the current shortage of composite film raw materials in China. The investment of this production line is as high as 50million US dollars. After completion, it can not only fully meet the PET film demand of Southern Packaging, but also be supplied externally. Customers of Nanfang packaging include Glaxo, Sino American Stryker, MSD and other well-known joint venture pharmaceutical enterprises. In order to play the core exemplary role of Southern Packaging, the enterprise has formed a partnership with Guangzhou Pharmaceutical Group. More than half of the pharmaceutical packaging materials consumed by Guangzhou Pharmaceutical Group every year come from southern packaging, and its total order volume accounts for 20% of the annual sales of Southern packaging. It can be said that Southern Packaging and Guangzhou Pharmaceutical have formed a strategic partnership with CFRP density far less than metal group, Guangzhou Pharmaceutical Group has always regarded the products packaged in the South as the raw material supply base of the list style, and both sides have joint venture projects. The financial support of Guangzhou Pharmaceutical Group has also greatly promoted the development of Southern packaging. This peripheral interactive development model is also one of the more successful development models abroad

2. Develop small and medium-sized pharmaceutical material packaging enterprises with professional characteristics and enrich the connotation of China's pharmaceutical packaging industry. It is proposed in the outline of the "Tenth Five Year Plan" for the development of China's pharmaceutical packaging industry that the research on the impact of pharmaceutical packaging waste on the environment will be strengthened and the development and production of environmental friendly packaging products will be supported; It will also explore the application of controlling the degradation of polymer materials in pharmaceutical packaging. This will bring a transitional period for China's pharmaceutical packaging industry, during which there are attractive huge business opportunities

for example, in Anbu Town, Guangdong Province, enterprises have made efforts in this regard to seize the opportunity. Anbu is located in eastern Guangdong. In this small town with a population of less than 130000, there are 650 food production enterprises and more than 500 printing and packaging enterprises. The food industry in this town is a traditional advantageous project. The rapid growth of the food industry has driven the development of composite film printing and packaging products for food packaging. In the early 1990s, some packaging and printing enterprises in Anbu found that pharmaceutical packaging materials with a production process similar to food packaging materials had higher profits, so six enterprises, including Wenli paper plastic and Peihua paper plastic, took the lead in producing pharmaceutical packaging materials, thus opening the prelude to the development of Anbu pharmaceutical packaging materials industry

at present, 10 pharmaceutical packaging material manufacturing enterprises in the town have obtained ((registration certificate of pharmaceutical packaging materials), 3 enterprises are in the process of applying for the registration certificate of pharmaceutical packaging materials, and 4 enterprises are preparing for the application. In particular, it is worth mentioning that Solvay's advanced tecnoflon pl855 FKM fluororubber also helps to seal the inlet (outlet) ends tightly and reliably: all 17 enterprises are private enterprises. In 2002, the gross output value of pharmaceutical packaging materials in Anbu town reached 160million yuan; In 2003, it reached 250million yuan, a year-on-year increase of 56%. Their pharmaceutical packaging material production enterprises account for only 3.5% of the total number of printing and packaging enterprises in the town, but the output value accounts for 18.5%. Anbu pharmaceutical packaging material production enterprise has rich connotation and typical significance. Compared with its peers, it has four advantages, adjacent to ports and convenient transportation; There are many manufacturers with complete varieties; Low cost and low price; Keep the promise and supply in time. It is reported that the development goals of Anbu pharmaceutical packaging materials industry in the next three years are: the total number of pharmaceutical packaging materials production enterprises will reach about 50, further highlighting the advantages of clustering; The gross output value exceeds 600million yuan, accounting for more than 20% of the total value of the printing and packaging industry in the town

3. Straighten out the system, strictly control the quality, and constantly find and overcome difficulties in the development of the industry. The exciting prospect of the pharmaceutical packaging materials industry has been shown in front of people, but there are also many difficulties faced by enterprises. There are still a large number of illegal manufacturers producing pharmaceutical packaging materials without certification. This problem is relatively common, which often gives headache to pharmaceutical packaging material manufacturers. According to insiders, the same kind of composite membrane is produced in the clean workshop according to the regulations, and the cost is about 22000 yuan/ton; The highest production cost in informal enterprises is only 18000 yuan/ton. In order to reduce product costs, some non-standard pharmaceutical enterprises secretly buy a large number of low-cost and low-quality products, which has seriously damaged the interests of many formal pharmaceutical packaging material manufacturers. Therefore, the relevant departments should strengthen the crackdown on illegal production, strengthen the standardization, standardization and internationalization of China's pharmaceutical packaging material industry, and never affect the healthy and efficient development of the entire China's pharmaceutical packaging material industry because of individual enterprises

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