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Discussion on the development direction of inkjet equipment

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core tip: logo, used to mark, easy to identify, mainly refers to the logo of goods. The commodity identification has information such as pattern, text, mathematics, batch number, code, bar code, etc. Marking automation is the automatic marking of goods, which is a requirement of modern production. Nowadays, the requirements for marking automation are getting higher and higher. Marking automation equipment has become the focus of the guide to reflect the following characteristics: the necessary hardware for modern production

[China Packaging News] logo, which is used to mark and facilitate identification, mainly refers to the logo of goods. The product identification includes pattern, text, mathematics, batch number, and person in charge of editing: we will further implement quality supervision and testing function code, bar code and other information. Marking automation is the automatic marking of goods. It is a requirement of modern production. Nowadays, the requirements for marking automation are higher and higher. Marking automation equipment has become the necessary hardware for modern production

among the automatic identification equipment, the full-automatic inkjet equipment is the most representative and advantageous equipment. Inkjet equipment has diversified inkjet content, especially for inkjet of variable information, such as variable date, serial number, variable barcode, etc. Inkjet equipment, also known as inkjet machine, is a kind of equipment that uses non-contact method to identify products through software control

there are various types of inkjet equipment, which can be divided into ink inkjet machine and laser marking machine. Among the ink inkjet equipment, it can be divided into DOD inkjet equipment and CIJ inkjet equipment. Among them, DOD inkjet equipment can be divided into: piezoelectric inkjet equipment, pressure valve inkjet equipment, thermal foaming inkjet equipment; Laser marking machines are divided into: CO2 laser marking machine, semiconductor laser marking machine, GX fiber laser marking machine

at present, there are many manufacturers of inkjet equipment with basically the same functions, but there are certain differences in quality. In general, although the price of imported identification automation equipment is higher, the quality is still very guaranteed. It can spray code stably in the process of use, and rarely stops because of faults. Hong Kong funded and Taiwan funded enterprises in the Pearl River Delta are widely used. Those enterprises that need identification equipment mostly use imported inkjet equipment. It can also be seen that imported equipment is more reliable. For example, arojet is a popular imported inkjet brand, which can meet various inkjet printing schemes and can be customized according to different customers. It is a leader in the inkjet equipment industry with diversified inkjet equipment manufacturers and complete low, medium and high-end equipment

development direction of inkjet equipment

with the increasingly developed commodity economy, industrial automation and intelligent production has become a trend, and the requirements of commodity identification are constantly improving, which brings a bright prospect to the development of inkjet equipment. The development of inkjet printer has also experienced many changes, which has formed a more mature form today. Through software control, the inkjet printer can automatically mark and inkjet codes in a non-contact way, which greatly improves the work efficiency

it also has several advantages in printing variable data such as variable numbers and variable bar codes, and can have anti-counterfeiting function. As the inkjet printer is mainly concentrated in beverage, food, auto parts, electronic components, beer, mineral water, wire and cable, non-staple food, cigarettes, batteries and other industries, the technology adopted by the third generation inkjet printer equipment at present mainly includes the combination of machinery and electronics, IC integration mode, complex structure, servo system and simple mechanical device, with good performance. In addition, with the continuous development of inkjet technology, the inkjet equipment is also more advanced, and the development of inkjet machine will also develop in the direction of simpler operation, smaller size, faster speed and higher accuracy

in foreign countries, the inkjet equipment industry is a very mature industry. However, the development in China is relatively late, but the inkjet printer industry is also developing rapidly in recent years. At present, domestic inkjet technology still lags behind foreign countries, and there are few highlights. Many domestic inkjet machine manufacturers' quality is not qualified. Domestic inkjet equipment is developing faster, there are few industry norms, and most of them are based on imitation. They have lost their due development direction, and the development status is worrying. Inkjet printer enterprises only go brand, standardization, standardization, so that the inkjet business will go better. Strive to improve the quality of their own inkjet printer, and improve the brand image of inkjet printer with quality

in addition, inkjet printer manufacturers should also have a strong sense of society, have industry self-discipline, abide by market rules, standardize enterprises, not just sell inkjet printers, and do a good job in after-sales service. This is a good way out for identification automation equipment

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